Which Asian country has the women with the best bodies?

Here’s a deep burning question that could keep any man up at night. Which Asian chicks have the best bodies? To put it another way, where in Asia can you find the best boobs, butts, or overall bodies? Or which Asian country has the best bodied women? I haven’t necessarily put a lot of thought in the question, no matter which way you phrase it. But I can still give you some pretty solid answers.

When I was nineteen I abandoned traditional life in America and went on the road. I ended up traveling much of the world and staying mobile in all the years since. I spend more time outside of America than in it. Much of the time passes with me in Asia. And I go out and fuck chicks pretty much every single day.

At this point in my life I have had sex with over a thousand women. Over a thousand more have sucked my cock. More than half of all these women were in Asia. Some I paid and others I didn’t. Regardless, this extensive experience gives me a good experience to speak from. So when I make a judgement on the best Asian countries for sexy bodies you can trust what I am saying.

I am not counting countries like Russia in this list. A large part of Russia is in Asia, and Russian women have the largest tits in the world. But they aren’t Asian in the way I look at things. They’re Europeans who just happen to live in Asia. While I have fucked Russian chicks, including Russian chicks in Asia, I am focusing on what I could call Asian chicks here. It’s not scientific, but it’s the way I am doing this. Since this is my website, you will just have to deal with that. Though you are free to tell me what you think in the comments if you want to.

Asian chicks with big tits

First things first, if you’re into big tits there are three places in Asia to look. One is Vietnam. Now Vietnamese chicks are for the most part skinny and petite, but there are actually quite a lot of Vietnamese chicks with big tits. Especially on their little frames. On average I would say that I have seen more big tits in Vietnam than any other part of Asia.

best Asian boobs

Next for big tits would be the north of China. You can find northern Chinese people all over China and sometimes in Macau too. You can usually recognize them by their faces, their above average height, and when it comes to the chicks, their big tits. Chinese chicks in general are getting bustier with time. In the 1990’s the average Chinese woman wore a 34A bra. The average these days is 34C.

Finally for busty babes you’ve got the Malays and Indos. I won’t split them up because they share a history and a language family. Sure there are lots of tribes and islands, but at the end of the day we’re talking about similar people. Malays are harder to fuck for cultural reasons. Indos are pretty open. Both have a good chance of rocking big brown boobs. The nude dancers at Jakarta’s sex clubs are a prime example.

Thai chicks have the smallest tits of all Asians. That is based on my experience seeing thousands of Thai women naked plus actual evidence. Someone did a study on cup sizes across Asia and found out that Thai girls wear the smallest bras. I didn’t need a grant to find that out, and now you don’t either.

Asian chicks with big asses

I have to say that I’ve seen more big asses in Japan, South Korea and Vietnam than any other parts of Asia. Now there are definitely lots of stick thin chicks walking around in all three of those countries. But there are also plenty of thicc chicks with nice phat asses if you look. The super thicc Korean chick and the Japanese woman who paid me to fuck her are just two examples. Japanese porn is filled with other examples like the curvy Shiori Tsukada.

If you like round and firm asses you can look the Philippines and Cambodia. There are a lot of shapely round asses in the Philippines, but there are also a lot of fat chicks. Like way too many. It seems that the obesity rate in the Philippines continues to go up year after year. I wouldn’t say a fat chick has a big ass. They’re just big in general. I am talking more about bubble butts here.

There are way less fat chicks in Cambodia than the Philippines. But there are just as many nice toned round and brown asses. At this point there are probably more size proportionate bubble butts there than you find over in the Philippine isles. At least until McDonald’s show up in the kingdom of wonder things will probably stay that way. A lot of Cambodian women have nice shapely bodies with round asses. They also tend to have nice round firm tits too. That’s one of the reasons I spend a lot of time in Cambodia even though the country as a whole leaves a lot to be desired.

An honorable mention would have to go to Myanmar. There are lots of really sweet round asses there too, as a quick walk around Yangoon will very clearly demonstrate. It used to be even more obvious when all the women wore traditional longyi. See here for an example!

Since 2016 western influence has been creeping in and more women are wearing the kind of stuff you might see in Thailand or middle America. So the round booties aren’t as easily visible, though they are still there. On the plus side, it’s now way easier to fuck Burmese chicks than it ever was in the past. So even though you might not be able to perv out on big butts in the streets, you can actually get your hands on some in your room. That is a trade I am willing to make.

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