Review of Goldentime Sauna in Vienna, Austria

Last month I wrote about the sex saunas in Austria. Getting that out of the way made room for me to review specific saunas in the country. I posted about Wellcum sauna in southern Austria last year but there are a lot more FKK clubs around. Vienna is the capital city and it has one of the biggest and most popular of all the saunas. Goldentime is it.

Goldentime is out of the way without being far from any part of the city. Every cab knows the place and thanks to the wonders of modern technology even a guy like me can find it on foot. Phones really changed the game on a lot of things. If they start sucking guys off they’ll really change my life. Until then, I guess I’ll have to make do with saunas like Goldentime.

golden time saun in vienna

The building is very easy to find. It has a big sign and the walls are decorated with sexy chicks. There are a lot of really sexy living chicks inside too, so it’s definitely not false advertising. When you walk in you see the front counter. A strict old Austrian chick gives the rules in accented but understandable English. Then she takes the 90 Euro entry fee. That gets you entrance, all the food and drinks you can swallow, a robe and all the towels you could ever need. It’s not a bad deal.

After paying you get a wrist band with a key and a number. That opens one of the lockers in the huge locker room just off to the left. You put your clothes in the locker, take a shower, then put on a robe and slippers and head out into the main area.

Goldentime is pretty huge. It’s bigger than it looks from the outside. The main area is big and open. There’s a long bar and buffet area to the back. The food is pretty good too but I always feel weird eating there. When the weather is nice and they do the buffet outside it’s better. Drinking isn’t such a big deal. The locker room is on one side. The floor has all kinds of lounge chairs. There’s a lot of empty floor space too. They also have a ton of private rooms that are big and have nice big clean beds. They also have a porn theater but the chicks don’t seem to be into it. It’s not like some other sex saunas where the porn theater is always buzzing with people.

Goldentime also has more of a mix than some other FKK saunas. It’s not totally filled with Romanian chicks. There are some there but there are also a lot others. You might find Spanish, Italian or Hungarian chicks inside on any given day. It’s nothing to see a black chick or chicks from other countries either. Most of them are real fit and looking good. I have never seen any unattractive chicks inside at all but when you are looking at so many chicks you can become more picky than you would if you were out on the street trying to score a freebie.

The chicks lounge around looking sexy in next to nothing. The bad part is that a lot of them look bored. I can’t blame them but that’s not the most attractive thing. I guess they are hardened from their work, but who knows? A lot of them are really nice and fun to talk to, so maybe they just put up a shell when they are sitting there waiting between guys. A few of the chicks approach you at Goldentime but there’s no hounding at all. Most of the chicks wait for guys to approach them. They have that luxury.

I’m pretty sure the rules say that the people who run the saunas can’t set the prices for anything except entry and alcoholic drinks. Since the chicks are independent contractors, they have to set their own rates. Whatever the deal, the chicks all ask for the same amount of money. They want 60 Euro to have sex with a customer. That includes a blowjob. Sometimes they use a rubber. Sometimes they don’t. Special requests cost more. The chicks are pretty accommodating. They aren’t out to rip anyone off but they are definitely working for money. Only a dick head would look for love in a place like this anyway.

Here’s the Goldentime website which lists the operating hours, location, map to the location and a gallery with pictures of some of the women who work there.

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