Sex saunas in Austria

I’ve already written about sex saunas in Macau and sex saunas in Malaysia. Europe has a lot of sex saunas of its own. The sex saunas of Austria are a lot like the sex saunas of Germany.

I wrote about Wellcum sauna in Hohenthurn last year. That’s a pretty good example of what the Austrian saunas are like. Prostitution is legal and common in Austria. It proliferates throughout the country, which is why you can find world class saunas in a town like Hohenthurn that you otherwise would probably not ever have heard of.

Sex sauna Austria

Nearly all Austrian people speak German. It’s their own form of it but I don’t understand any German so it all sounds similar to me. The great thing is that they also speak English so that people like me who are too lazy to invest time in learning their language can still get around. In the sex saunas, which are called “FKK clubs” just like in Germany, there are women from all over the world. Romanians are the most common but there is a good mix. Hungarians, Bulgarians, Italians and Albanians are working most places. They can all speak English and speak it well.

As most people know, Austria is an expensive place. That goes for the sex saunas too. They charge about double what most German places want for entry. The chicks inside want more money too even though they aren’t really any better looking. Some of the saunas like Golden in Vienna are pretty nice, but I don’t know if it justifies the higher prices. People in Vienna may have no choice but anyone else can get on a quick train or plane ride and land somewhere nearby where the rates are only half as much. These places prosper though so people much like them.

I don’t blame them. The clubs are nice, big and have places to hang out and watch porn. They also serve all the food and drinks you can take and there are dozens of hot naked European chicks laying around. There’s really nothing wrong with that. Even at 90 or 100 Euros the price for spending a little alone time with a super hot blond chick from Romania or Poland is pretty reasonable b almost any terms you can find. After all a lot of Bangkok go go bars cost more than that nowadays.

Now that the basics are laid out, the way is made for me to write about FKK clubs in Austria in more detail. I’ll review some of the Austrian sex saunas very soon!

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