Strip clubs in Austria

Austria is one of my favorite places in Europe. I’ve been going there for a while now. It offers a nice respite from the crowds and outright madness of Asia, not to mention all the fresh air. Plus, there are plenty of strip clubs in Austria. So it’s not like you can’t find hot chicks to look at or have sex with while you’re there.

Anytime you’re in Thailand you can see a lot of guys from Europe around. A lot of them are in the bars looking for Thai women to screw. For many guys, that is after all the main draw of the Land of Smiles. But I guess the hot weather and beaches also have something to do with their travel decisions. Because prostitution is legal in Austria and easy to find. And the same goes for a lot of other European countries.

Legal prostitution in Austria

In the past I’ve written about sex saunas in Austria. These are probably the best choice there is when it comes to paying for sex there. You basically walk into a big lounge style club filled with lots of naked women who are willing to have sex with you for 60 Euros. That’s less than the price for short time with a go go girl in Pattaya. The saunas in Austria are usually a little more expensive than the places in Germany. But they’re both about the same quality.

Beverly Hills Strip Club in Vienna Austria

You can also find street prostitutes, escorts and brothels in Austria. They are pretty much what you would expect. Though I would say that the quality of street walkers in European countries like Austria can be at least a little higher than what you would typically see on the streets of the US. Plus you don’t risk getting arrested and shamed just because you wanted to get a blowjob.

Strip clubs might be the most familiar type of “adult entertainment” place in Austria for people from North America. But truthfully, they don’t resemble the kinds of strip clubs you see in the United States or Canada much at all. They’re more like the strip clubs in Tijuana, just a lot less rowdy.

Strip clubs in Austria

There are basically two types of strip clubs in Austria. The first are more like lounges where you can meet prostitutes. The prices are actually reasonable considering that we’re talking about strip clubs and Austria. The next type of place is more of a “show bar” style. They look more flashy and the dancers want way more money to have sex. But it’s still less than what you might drop in a New York strip club without ever even getting your dick wet!

The best example of a lounge like club would probably be Maxim in Vienna. On your first visit, you’re usually given a tour by the mamasan. You really don’t need one though. It’s just like a typical lounge with a bar and plenty of comfortable seating. There happens to be a stage too. But even when it is actually used, the dancers usually stay clothed. The main reason to go there is either to hang out with the chicks or have sex with them. Hanging out usually involves buying expensive champagne and honestly seems somewhat pointless. But sex is available for 120 Euros in the rooms upstairs. That’s not cheap compared to Goldentime, but it’s less than you would pay in many other places. The chicks are usually good looking Eastern Europeans.

A good example of a show bar type club is Beverly Hills Club. The chicks in there are usually even hotter than ones you see in Goldentime or Maxim. It’s almost like being in some movie out of the 1990’s with blazing blondes dancing in the background during some titty bar scene. The prices are honestly outrageous. And all the chicks want you to buy them expensive champagne. Having sex with any dancer at Beverly Hills is going to cost a fortune. But you’ll be tempted!

You might have noticed that both of these clubs are in Vienna. That’s the biggest city in the country. Like anywhere else, that means you can find most of the action there. But Austria is like Germany. You can find prostitutes all over the country. Even guys in the mountains want to have sex, so why not? The two clubs just mentioned just happen to be great examples of the kinds of strip clubs you can find in Austria.

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