Wellcum Wellnesshotel & Erotik FKK Sauna in Austria

There are a lot of FKK clubs in the European countries like Germany and Austria that are sane enough to realize that prostitution will exist whether or not it is officially permitted by the powers that be.

In Austria the government allows women to sell sexual services as long as they do it on their own. That and the traditionally liberal and sexually open culture has given birth to these kinds of facilities.

The way it works is that a sauna charges both men and women an entrance fee for use of the facilities. Once inside the men and women are free to interact and arrange for sexual services to take place. They can negotiate the conditions and prices. The actual practice is that prices become universal early on. Guys know how much women are looking for. They usually pay around 50 Euros for thirty minutes of oral sex and vaginal intercourse. If they want to add things like facial finishes or anal when that is available they pay a little more. The money is given directly to the women who has the sex and the club simply provides a place for it all to go down.

European prostitutes in pool at Austrian FKK sex club Wellcum

Most of the saunas in Europe are nice and clean. Some are better than others. Wellcum FKK Club on the Italian border in the southern Austrian town of Hohenthurn is one of the best in terms of facilities and the way they treat their customers.

The place charges a set entrance fee of 85 Euros for guys. That gives access to the whole place including an awesome outdoor pool with a view of a beautiful mountain range along with couches, big TVs playing sports games, a loaded bar, good food buffets, private sex rooms and of course the chance to hang out with around a hundred European beauties who walk around fully nude or in lingerie. I’m not sure what the women pay to get in.

Because Wellcum is on the Italian border it even gets some super sexy Italian chicks which are rare to non-existent in most other FKK clubs. I have never seen any Italian chicks in Germany for example. Wellcum also has women from other countries in Europe. There’s a real mix made possible by the EU among other things.

The women at Wellcum are cool and up for fun. Of course that’s how they make their living but they could still have bad attitudes as some of the chicks working sexless American strip clubs prove. At Wellcum there’s no bad vibe probably because the ladies are working of their own accord and have to be self motivated to make it. At the same time there are some rules in place that keep guys from getting pestered. If a guy wants to talk to a chick he can. If he doesn’t he is left alone to do whatever else he wants.

Another cool feature about Wellcum is the connected hotel. There’s no need to worry about finding a place nearby to sleep with a hotel owned by the same people right there. Rates are good too at just over a hundred Euros a night on a normal day.

Wellcum is easily reached by car or taxi. It’s in a pretty well known area so it’s not too difficult to find. The only issue is that the official address doesn’t lead to the place in GPS devices so customers are advised to enter “Kraftoolstra├če in 9601 Hohenthurn” or the geographical coordinates on the homepage instead. Or they can just head towards the Gewerbegebiet Hohenthurn industrial park. That’s fun just because the route goes down a road that passes a restaurant called “Wanker.” If I lived to be 100 I would probably still find that kind of thing hilarious. Happily I don’t have to stay at home and wank since Wellcum is around.

Here’s the Wellcum Wellnesshotel & Erotik website which lists the operating hours, location, map to the location and a gallery with pictures of some of the hot naked European women who work there.

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