Cheap $2.50 massage in Phnom Penh

In an old post on happy ending massages in Phnom Penh I wrote last year I talked about the many 10,000 Riel massage places around. For those who don’t know, 10,000 Riel is $2.50 in US Dollars. They used to be 5,000 Riel when I started going to Cambodia, but I guess there’s been some inflation!

Some people suggested that I should write more about these cheap massage places. They are in houses open to the street, and they don’t look much like massage parlors. They usually have a sign out front in Khmer that says “10,000 Riel Massage”. Nowadays more and more of them have their signs in English too, but you still don’t see many foreigners going in an out of them. There are usually some women hanging around either in front of the place or just inside on a bed or some chairs.

Walk in happy endings

You just walk in and they know what you’re after. Unless you specially request one of the witch doctor scams like cupping in Khmer you get a regular body massage. A lot of Khmer dudes come to these places when they are drunk. From what I hear they strip down to their pants or boxers and get a rub down then go home. Most of the places aren’t brothels, but they chicks in them will sometimes help a guy out if he has a hard on.

10000 riel massage

A cheap massage shop busted. One down, only 5000 more to go!

There’s no real way to tell which place does happy endings and which doesn’t. There can even be places where some chicks do happy endings and others don’t. It seems like the places that are more tuned in to getting guys off have women sitting out front, and sometimes they have pink lights. The regular massage places don’t usually have chicks out front with their hair and makeup all done up. Then again, you never know. Some of the places look totally innocent but the chicks inside are up for a lot.

Getting a 10,000 Riel massage

I once stopped into one of the 10,000 Riel places in the middle of nowhere at around midnight. I had seen a hot chick out front before but I was with another girl so I decided to circle back another time. When I walked in, a fat older chick took me to a little bedroom in the back with an actual bed and some fans. It was already nicer than most of these places. I was really and truly hoping that she was a mamasan or something, but since there was no one else around, deep down I knew she would be doing the massage. I said fuck it and got down to my boxers. She came back in the room and rubbed my legs around my balls for a few seconds before asking me if I wanted “boom boom.” Of course I said yes. She said $30. I countered with $10. She said $30 and she would “suck very good.” I didn’t really want to screw this chick let alone barter with her so I said fine, hoping that she’d give a great blowjob or something.

She got naked, which included stripping out of some kind of fat suppression suit meant to make her look thin (it didn’t work). The whole thing was gross but somehow I got turned on by the nastiness of the experience. She stroked me pretty good and got me good and hard but then broke out a condom. No sucking at all! I didn’t even bother to ask though. I just let her climb on and I pounded away with my eyes closed while the smell of sweat and talcum powder filled the room. Finally I blew my load and a feeling of real regret set in. I paid the $30, refused her request for an extra $2.50 “for the massage” since there was none, and got dressed. It wasn’t one of my better days. The funny thing is that she asked me to go again just before I made it to the door. No thanks! I was out of there. Then I saw the hot chick from before out front again on the way out. I should have waited, but there was no looking back.

Further adventures in cheap massage parlors

Other times I had better experiences. I once stopped off at one of these places and got a chick who looked totally disinterested. She took me into a booth separated from the others by nothing but a board. She was “bored” too. She played with her phone while giving me a nothing rub on my legs. After a few minutes though she pointed to my dick. I nodded yes and suddenly we were off to the races. She did an enthusiastic handjob with absolutely no lube that was somehow really good. She was really interested in my wood. She was attentive. Every time I came close to blowing my load she somehow sensed it and slowed down. Finally she sped up and then stopped, giving me my first ruined orgasm ever. My load launched across the room and all over the filthy sheets. She was really amused. The whole thing cost me $8, only because that’s what I happened to have in my wallet.

Another time I stopped at a place I had been before. They changed chicks every week, but there were always some pretty ones around. That night they had a thin dark skin twenty year old chick who looked like a beautiful Indian girl. Amazingly, she spoke English really well. I took her into a room that looked like it was hit by a bomb with no light and we did it in four or five positions before I finally unloaded in the latex cock sock. Then we just laid there and talked. I was having a good time until she asked me to go in a second time raw. If you would have seen the place you’d understand why I said no thanks, even though she begged and said it would be free. When she finally grabbed my wood and tried to shove it in I decided to get up and leave. I paid $11 on the way out. I wonder what happened to that girl.

Local guys don’t usually go for handjobs or blowjobs. They want to fuck. They have a lot of options in Phnom Penh so for them most of the massage places are just massage places. Some of the massage places are actually brothels though, and the chicks are basically just there to fuck. The only problem is that they all look the same more or less.

So where are these 10,000 Riel massage places? There are way too many to list, but some areas with a lot are: Sisowat Quay (Riverside) north of Street 104, Street 80 near Wat Phnom, Street 113, Street 105, and there are even some in the streets around Golden Sorya Mall and on the road leading to the new Aeon Mall’s main entrance! Even all those together probably only represent five percent of the places in Phnom Penh. They are just an example.

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