Cheap prostitutes at Wat Phnom in Phnom Penh

Today I’m going to tell you about cheap prostitutes at Wat Phnom. While I admittedly love the best things in life including places like high end sex saunas, I am definitely not above rolling around in the gutter a little bit. Sometimes you get real excitement out of it. Other times you find a good deal. Sometimes you barely make it out alive, but that’s alright too. In the long run we’re all dead anyway.

Wat Phnom is a major landmark in Phnom Penh. It has a real significance and a history going way back. The funny thing is that for locals it’s known more as a place for cheap hookers than anything else. If a girl in a bar girl asks you for something crazy like $100 and you reply jokingly with $5, she’ll probably tell you to go find a Wat Phnom girl.

After hearing those kinds of jokes a few times I took upon myself to visit Wat Phnom and see what the deal was. Sex for $5 might sound crazy depending on your experience, but I know such things exist. After all, I’ve been up Bush Mountain in Pattaya once or twice and I’ve been known to go to the $2.50 massage parlors in Phnom Penh too!

Wat Phnom Prostitutes

Wat Phnom is near the riverside a little north of Street 104. Everyone in Phnom Penh knows it. It’s a stop on the tourist trail even. At night starting when the sun goes down, it’s also a haunt for streetwalkers.

Part of the joke about Wat Phnom is that the women there sell sex for cheap because there’s something wrong with them, or because they’re not actually women at all. Well, there are some ladyboys around from time to time but they are easy to spot. There are also some old birds who have seen much better days. Surprisingly though there are also some hot chicks from time to time!

Asian whore

The chicks stand all around the roundabout or in the street that connects Wat Phnom to the riverside road. The ones who hang in the darkest shade seem pretty shady to me. Usually the average or decent chicks stand out at the road under the lights. You can see them pretty well when you roll around.

Wat Phnom is hit or miss. Sometimes you go there at 8:00 pm and there are twenty chicks around. The next day you go at 8:30 and there are only two old ladies. Why? Could be weather, rain, holidays, coincidence, or even a police raid which happens from time to time. I don’t base my life around the place so it’s not a big deal if I hit it on a bad day.

How much is sex at Wat Phnom?

Making a deal with the prostitutes at Wat Phnom is pretty easy. They mostly work with Cambodian guys, like the chicks at Bush Mountain in Pattaya who mainly suck off Thai bus drivers all day. But in Cambodia a lot of people can actually speak some English. Learning some local words is pretty easy too, especially when it comes to numbers.

How are deals made? A guy pulls over and the chicks approach. He says something like, “let’s go do it at a hotel.” She says “how much will you give me?” They strike a deal then they’re off to the races.

Some Cambodian guys have told me that they get pussy at Wat Phnom for 20,000 Riel. That’s $5. I have never been offered sex for that little at Wat Phnom. Most of the chicks there start off asking for $20 but they will all pretty much settle for $10. If it’s true that Cambodian guys are paying $5 each, then they’re still getting double their usual rate.

Safety with Wat Phnom prostitutes

I’ve never felt too unsafe anywhere in Cambodia, but then again I come from America which should speak for itself. At least it used to. Anyway, Cambodia isn’t some crazy violent place despite the reputation. The murder rates are actually much higher in Thailand and the Philippines where tourists walk around they’re in paradise.

The prostitutes at Wat Phnom have reputations. I don’t know if they’re deserved or not. People say they have AIDS, that they’re thieves, that they’re on drugs or that they steal. Is it true? In all cases? I doubt it, but like any streetwalkers they’re probably from the “wrong side of the tracks.”

I don’t roll around Phnom Penh with a bag containing $20,000 in cash so I don’t worry about it too much. I’m a pretty safe guy myself and I take precautions. I’ve only been ripped off by one hooker in my entire life, and in that case it was her partner who lifted some money from my pocket while I was getting busy. I wouldn’t bareback with a prostitute from Wat Phnom either, because that just seems crazy. Finally, I only roll with consenting adults. So what do I really have to worry about?

There are guest houses all over Phnom Penh. The vast majority of them rent out their rooms by the hour, usually for $7. All you have to do is ask. Sometimes you don’t even have to ask because they just assume that you’re not checking for a week with the hooker you just picked up off of the street.

There is a guest house right next to Wat Phnom on Street 13 called Rithy Heng, but sometimes it gets full. I guess a lot of other guys are into cheap prostitutes too. That makes sense since the local income is like $250 a month for most guys.

Wat Phnom is no paradise and the prostitutes at Wat Phnom aren’t straight off the catwalk or anything, but they are there. They’re banging guys for $10 each too, or maybe even less if my local friends are telling the truth.

Cambodia might not be the cheapest country in the world to have sex, but at least in terms of the street walkers there is still a lot of cheap sex on sale!

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