Chicken farm brothels in Cambodia

Chicken farm brothels are cheap knocking shops in Cambodia. These are in and out places where local guys go to blow a load. They’re called chicken farms by a lot of people in English. I don’t really know why. Maybe people think the bamboo huts look like chicken coops. Or maybe they see chickens running around and assume they’re on a chicken farm.

Well chickens run around all over Cambodia. It’s the kind of place where a chicken can walk under your feet at a chicken restaurant where you’re eating chicken. Cambodian chicks also run all over Cambodia. Some of them work in the chicken farm brothels to make ends meet.

Chicken farm brothels

The chicken shack brothels in Cambodia are a lot like Burmese brothels in Thailand. Except they’re run by Cambodians and in Cambodia. These brothels are not that different from the $3 massage parlors in Cambodia either except that they usually aren’t set up to rob the customers.

chicken farm ahead

Most of these places are built out of stuff like bamboo, tin, and palm leaves. It’s sturdier than it sounds or looks but these places aren’t built to last. They give a whole new meaning to the phrase “when the house is a rocking don’t come a knocking.” But the sway of the entire building can make the stroke easier when trying to do doggie style in hot tropical weather.

Chicken farms can be found on the outskirts of a lot of cities and town. The most famous chicken farm is down by the port in Sihanoukville. There’s another one on the outskirts of Siem Reap too. Plus there are others all over the country. Locals who go to them know the places. When it comes to tuk tuks who serve tourists things are more hit and miss. Some guys will know about all the whore houses. Other guys might think the Hard Rock Cafe is the only nightlife in town. It really just depends on how tuned in they are.

How Cambodian chicken farms work

Each chicken farm has a couple of chicks around. Come to think of it, the chicks may be where the chicken farm name comes from. Because some of the older brothel women and managers will sometimes call women fresh to the job “new chicken.” Talk about a meat market!

Anyway the chicks usually have one room a piece. They might hand around in front playing cards or sharing some green mango. Or they might wait up in the doorway of their personal shack waiting for a customer to wander through. Some of the chicks can actually be hot but mostly it’s average women in their late 20’s just trying to make a buck.

Unlike the Burmese brothels the chicks all seem open to whatever guy comes through. I’ve never heard of a guy being rejected at a chicken farm on account of being from another country or the wrong color. Maybe it happens, but I don’t think so.

The prices are up in the air and negotiable. Local guys basically pay whatever they want. Five dollars or 20,000 Riel is the most common price. If they see a foreigner coming they might ask for more. One guy said he paid twenty bucks in the Sihanoukville chicken farm. The women must have had a good laugh when he left.

Some of the women will suck cock or even get passionate but mostly they just spread their legs wide and lay there while the customer pumps away. There’s not a lot of room for romance with five dollar fucks through five cent NGO condoms when it’s a hundred degrees. Especially in a bamboo hut surrounded by trash, wild dogs and chickens that never stop crowing. Welcome to the chicken farm.

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