Full service barbershops in Cambodia and Vietnam

I travel all the time. While I spend a significant amount of time in Asia, I do go elsewhere. Southeast Asia in particular can be really tough to deal with at times. So it’s nice to get out to other parts of the world. But no matter where I am, I always find myself missing some things. First and most obvious are all the hot and available chicks in Southeast Asia. The full service barbershops in Vietnam and Cambodia are another.

For guys who pay for sex and talk about it online, the phrase “full service” has a particular meaning. When guys who know the deal say full service, they’re usually talking about sex for money. But that’s not the only meaning of full service. And it’s not what I’m referring to here. I am not talking about the many blowjob barbershops in Vietnam either.

The full service barbershops I’m writing about here offer a full range of services related to maintaining your appearance and generally making you feel refreshed. Of course they have barbers who can cut your hair. But on top of that they have women who can shave your face, clean your ears, give you a massage, shampoo your hair, cut your finger and toe nails, and more. They do it well and the prices are dirt cheap. It’s hard to find this kind of thing anywhere else, even in Thailand or the Philippines.

What’s in a name?

In Vietnam, barbershops are called either cat toc or hot toc. It seems to depend on what part of the country you are in. But then you see both signs in some of the same cities like Can Tho. Both phrases mean hair cutting, so it doesn’t really matter what they call themselves.

What matters is what goes on inside the barbershops. You already know that there are blowjob barbershops in Vietnam. But you also know that we are talking about regular barbershops here. Or at least regular by Vietnamese standards. Because in other parts of the world you can’t get a hair cut, ear cleaning, pedicure and back rub at most barbershops.

sexy vietnamese hair dresser

You can’t always tell what you are going to get in a barbershop in Vietnam. But there are a lot of hints you can follow. The first thing to note is that most barbershops do not do any kind of sex. The second thing to note is that if you can clearly see into the place from the street and its filled with hot chicks in short skirts they probably don’t do sex stuff either.

The sexual barbershops in Vietnam are usually a lot more private. You normally can’t see inside them from the street. Once you get inside the chicks may be in either sexy clothes or regular street gear. All regular or “legitimate” barbershops in Vietnam are “full service” in that they offer all the hygiene services I am talking about here.

In Cambodia you will also see signs that say cat toc or hot toc sometimes. That’s because there a lot of Vietnamese people in Cambodia. There aren’t as many Vietnamese people as there used to be, or as many Vietnamese signs. But the barbershops in Cambodia are one of the most common places to find Vietnamese people. While things can happen, there aren’t really any blowjob barbershops in Cambodia. It’s rare you can’t find what you’re looking for in Cambodia since most signs are in several languages including English.

A full range of services

You might think the main service at a barbershop would be a haircut. But it’s just one of the many things I do when I stop into these full service shops. The truth is that you can get your hair cut anywhere. You might not get it for $2 back home, but you will definitely find someone who can give you a trim. After that things change.

After I get my hair cut in Vietnam or Cambodia I get my hair washed by one of the chicks. They usually try to give you the next one in line. But you can select any chick you like. If you go to a place regularly you’ll usually get the same chick after a while. You’ll become “her customer” especially if she thinks you like her or you pick her multiple times.

Most any woman working in these barbershops can do all the available services. Some are better than others at particular things. But we’re talking about washing hair and cutting nails here. Not brain surgery. So it doesn’t usually matter all that much. I guess you wouldn’t want a totally unskilled chick poking around inside your ears or ripping off your toenails. But if they didn’t know what they were doing, they wouldn’t last in the business. I have never had any problems.

I have some favorite places, but I like trying new places too. A few weeks ago I stumbled into a nondescript little shop in Ho Chi Minh City right after getting a nice oily handjob at a VIP massage parlor. I walked in and did a shaving motion with my hands then did my best to say the word for shave in Vietnamese. A white skinned Vietnamese chick in a low cut top got up, led to me to a chair, and spent about thirty minutes restoring my face to just born baby status. I paid less than two bucks and gave her a tip.

I usually get a cut or a trim every couple of weeks. After that it’s off to the hair wash. It feels great when they massage and scratch your scalp. Next I get my finger nails cut. If my toes need it, then that too. I usually do all this in a private VIP room which costs a couple dollars more. No big deal. They always throw in a nice shoulder and back massage at the end too. They don’t stop until I say “okay.” I’m in there for an hour or so then I’m out the door. It’s a nice relief from the noise and mess outside.

These barbershops are very popular with Asian guys. Locals, Chinese and Korean guys go to them all the time. But I rarely see any western guys inside. Maybe they think it’s weird compared to what they are used to back home. I think it’s weird that they wouldn’t want to get full head to toe service from a good looking Asian chick for a couple of bucks. I sure do.

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