How to meet good Cambodian women

Cambodian women are great. Good Cambodian women are top notch. “Stand by your man” is still a slogan over in the kingdom of wonder. There are more good women than good guys around, so the pickings are plentiful. Warm, beautiful, sexy and sweet are words I would use to describe these gems. You won’t find them in the hostess bars or KTV’s, but they are definitely around.

Cambodia is a third world country with a hard edge. That never stopped me from visiting or staying a while though. The main reason is the women. If you like tanned Asian chicks with round tits and asses, it’s one of the best places in the world. It helps that Cambodian people are super friendly and open to meeting foreigners. Although the level of education is low, it’s easier to make friends and find people that speak your language in Cambodia than it is in Thailand or Vietnam. They also use the almighty dollar, which makes life a lot easier.

Some guys claim it’s hard to meet women in Cambodia. Or that some kind of cultural differences preclude any real relationships. Trust me when I tell you this isn’t the case at all. I have been successful with a lot of regular Cambodian women. So I can speak from experience.

Hotel staff

The women working hotels are some of the easiest to meet in Cambodia. Mainly that’s because you stay in a hotel and come in contact with them. Pretty easy, right? The front desk is an especially good place to meet women. Most of the women you see there will have some understanding of the world and be able to converse in English. If a Cambodian chick goes to work the front desk of a hotel, there’s a good chance she is interested in foreigners.

Traditional Cambodian tits

Just keep in mind that women are likely to be put off if you go in and out of the hotel with a parade of women. It doesn’t always stop them from dating you though. I’ve dated the manager at a condo where I stayed for months. She saw me come and go with a lot of chicks. I actually think it intrigued her more. She did bring it up though, saying “I know you have a lot of girls.” So it is something to watch out for.

Don’t overlook the other staff. The chicks that do the cleaning or cooking are likely just as open to meeting foreigners. They might not speak as much English. It depends though, and you might be surprised. They’re also likely to be from poorer families. That’s not necessarily a bad thing in my book.

Be forewarned that a lot women working in hotels are actually married. You don’t want to break up a home, whether or not it is happy. So make sure to check on that. But at least half of the hotel women I have met over the cheers were still single. And a lot of them were ripe for the picking.

University students

There are a lot of great university students in the eighteen to twenty two year range in Cambodia. Even if you’re older like me, that doesn’t necessary mean anything. The old bullshit from back home doesn’t necessarily apply here. I’ve had fun with tons of nineteen-year-olds here and in other parts of Asia and no one seemed to mind. I know I didn’t.

There are only a handful of what I would call real universities in Cambodia. But there are a ton of fly by night operations. Either way it doesn’t really matter. They all wear uniforms and look great. They tend to be open minded and understand more of the world than the average rice farmer too. You find more English speakers at the universities than anywhere else in Cambodia.

Coffee shops across from universities are great hunting grounds. It usually takes no more than just sitting in one to start a conversation with some college chicks. At the very least you will get some looks and smiles, which you can take as your cue to start talking. Cambodians are friendly and striking up a conversation with a complete stranger is totally normal there.

A couple of years ago most university students were locked at home like veal. There’s been a huge cultural shift lately though. Now they run away with total freedom and spend days and nights outside in the big bad world. It’s not what it used to be, but it’s good for those of us looking for good women with some kind of head on their shoulders.

Bank tellers

Some of the best places to meet good women in Cambodia are banks. Almost all the people working inside are women. And they’re almost all in their twenties. We’re talking about a lot of good looking chicks who can speak at least basic English. They all have some kind of education too. They are easy to approach and talk to since they’re open to the public. It’s a no brainer.

ABA is probably the most well known bank in Cambodia these days. It’s widespread and trustworthy. In certain circles, it’s also know for hiring hot chicks and giving them tight blue skirts and bright red tops to wear. The boss clearly knows what he is doing!

The good thing about ABA bank is that they also open accounts for foreigners. It’s easy to do. All you need is your passport and visa. They do it all in person at a desk, the old school way. No impersonal online setup or calls to customer service people in Bangladesh. So this gives you another opportunity to chat with some Cambodian chicks.

This is not an exhaustive list. But it’s a good summary of the situation. There are lots of other places to meet chicks too, though a lot of them aren’t going to be “good girls.” So I will tell you some places to meet bad girls in the future. Keep checking back for that if you’re interested.

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