Having sex inside a Phnom Penh hostess bar

Would you believe me if I told you I was regularly having sex in a bar in Phnom Penh for months? It’s true. Once or twice a week when I was in town I would stop in to this bar and bang one or two of the chicks right in the back. The total cost was thirty dollars. Seriously!

I was debating whether or not I was going to tell you guys about the place. One the one hand I could hardly keep it to myself. I mean, a Phnom Penh hostess bar where you can have sex right inside in 2018? What a great find! On the other hand, I didn’t want to “blow the spot.” I didn’t want to see the place overrun with weirdos or even worse get the chicks in trouble.

Now it’s all a moot point because the bar closed. Not only did the place close, it was actually gutted out! While tons of new bars spring up all around it, this run down old bar was getting hit with the wrecking ball. It’s sad, but at least it ends my dilemma.

Are the wild days over?

I read all the websites like mine I can find. Some of them are pretty good. A lot of them are shit. It depends where they get their information. The best sites are written by guys on the ground. The worse sites are written by people in far away lands. You can get a lot of different stories about the same city from two different websites. Why is that?

Even among a lot of the obviously knowledgeable guys, the consensus seems to be that the wild days are over. There are no more one dollar blowjob samples in the bars or five dollar brothels in the back alleys. Sure, it’s maybe not all as in your face as it used to be, but there’s still a lot of wild stuff going down in Phnom Penh. Just a few months ago I got a blowjob at the barbershop after my hair cut!

Firm Asian tits

The truth is that a lot of guys never go off of the beaten path. Other guys run websites who haven’t even left their mom’s basements, which is even worse! They basically just repeat whatever they read on the internet which is sometimes a load of horseshit. We live in a time when we have the most access to information in history, but it’s also the era of fake news.

Chinese dudes are now running rampant in Cambodia. You think they’re not having sex? Think again. They mostly don’t go to the hostess bars though. They prefer the fishbowl massage parlors and sexy karaoke joints. It’s more their speed.

Banging in the back of the bar

The bar where I used to bang chicks was in the heart of the action but it had nothing at all to make it stand out. It was pretty run down in fact. The only reason I went inside is that there was a hot slut posted up out front with short blond hair and a basically see through shirt. With no bra on her perky brown tits were almost entirely visible. I was sold!

I went inside and ordered a drink for me and a lady drink for her. We sat down and did the normal bar chat. This went on for a few minutes before I got the nod for a bit of under the shirt groping on the tits that turned out to feel even better than they looked.

Then some big fat white dude in tattered clothes wandered in. The girls in the bar all grimaced. The guy did a lap of the place without ever sitting down and then on the way out looked directly at me and said “ask her about the special room.”

I did ask but she wasn’t forthcoming. Still, I knew something was up. My sexual senses were tingling. I had another drink and got her number then left. She wanted me to bar fine her, but I put it off. It turns out I made the right decision.

Another attempt

A few days later I stopped back in. At this point I was treated like a regular. Plus, I acted like I knew the drill. I got the same girl and midway through our first drink I told her I wanted to take her in the back. She asked me if I was sure. I said, “yea!” and she jumped up with excitement.

Next thing you know I was in the back of the bar. There was a semi-public sink about waist high where she told me to wash my junk. So I did, using the hand soap that was right there. She went to the toilet then reappeared.

From there we went into a back room which was like some place they wanted to turn into a night club but failed. It was all dirty and dusty with bar furniture piled up all over the place, but there were two big leather couches situated for actual use.

There were balled up tissues all over the floor along with a couple of condoms. Nice ambiance, right? I mean what else would you expect in this kind of situation. The Christmas lights strung about were a nice touch too.

Finally finding the fun

Before long she was naked and barely sucking me off. Like all too many Cambodian girls she wasn’t yet skilled in the art of sucking, though she learned a lot more with repeat visits. She was totally naked though which was great because her body was amazing!

The suck job wasn’t going to get me off so in the heat of the moment I just called for her to mount me. She asked if I was sure. Of course I was. She then asked if I had a condom. I didn’t but I just pulled her close to me. She was cool with it and climbed on board. It took a while to get it in but once I was inside it was a hot and heavy ride. Finally I pulled out and blew my load all over her firm brown cheeks.

Brown Asian tits

I wiped her clean with the tissues and then threw them on the ground with the rest of the waste. She spit on the floor then ran to the bathroom for a scrub with soapy water. I walked out in the semi public bathroom area and washed my dick in the sink then pissed down the drain.

She reappeared and watched me wash and take a leak. After I pulled up my pants I gave her $30. She asked if it was for her. I told her whatever was left after the bill was paid was hers. She was happy about it and so was I. Thirty bucks for a bang and a cold drink is a good deal nowadays, even in Cambodia.

Going back for more bangs

Of course I went back to the bar regularly. So did some other dudes in the know. I would see the same guys inside all the time. Oddly enough I rarely saw them go to the back though. I asked the girls in the bar and found out they were apparently shy to go to the back room while other guys were inside. Not me!

I did my favorite girl in the bar many times. When she wasn’t there, I did one of the other girls in the bar. I usually stuck to the same two. One said she only did blowjobs but before long she was riding me too. I never really had a bad experience, even when I took two chicks and the one only really watched me do the other while I played with her tits.

I left Phnom Penh and when I returned I found that the bar was destroyed. I have contact info for a few of the chicks who worked inside, but I won’t bother with it. Why should I? The fun is in exploring new places to find more like that place or even better.

The fact is you can still find a lot of wild fun in Phnom Penh. I’ve been blown in bars and barbershops, played with more tits than I can count, and even had chicks go around measuring my cock with their hands to see who could “handle me.” It’s hardly a dead place!

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