Having sex with regular women in Cambodia

Cambodia has a lot of problems. Some of the most recent include extended daily power outages driven by unbridled development. But something always brings me back. I have been visiting the country regularly for many years. And I usually stay a month or more at a time. Recently I stayed for several months until things deteriorated to the point that I wanted to leave. But already I miss the place. And the women in Cambodia are the biggest reason why.

When I started this website about five years ago there were a few like it. A couple were well established and legendary sites that guys spoke about in the backs of sex saunas and hostess bars. But then a whole flood of new travel blogs started popping up. And it included a lot from guys reporting about their sexual conquests in Asia.

It also included some “authority sites” made up of copy and paste content taken from other pages. The biggest problem with those is they’re usually full of shit. One claims sex toys are illegal in Vietnam, even though there’s a big sex toy shop in the middle of Saigon. Another says it is impossible to date or have sex with regular women in Cambodia. But I have done exactly that many times over the years. And I continue to do so.

Today I will tell you about three totally normal women I had sex with during my last extended stay in Cambodia. I never gave any of these women any money whatsoever. Nor did I ever pledge to be any of their boyfriends or make crazy promises of marriage. So I hope this will help show that it is totally possible to find sex with regular women in Cambodia. It’s not as easy as dating and having sex with Thai chicks. But it’s not impossible at all. And it’s now easier than it has ever been before.

The office worker

The first chick I met on my most recent extended stay in Cambodia was an office worker. She was a friend of a friend on Facebook. But I didn’t even know who the original friend was. Cambodians like to add anyone they come across. And if they’re chicks, I usually add them back. Anyway, it didn’t matter that I didn’t know her or her friend. I saw her posting sexy pics and short quotes in English. So even though her face was average, I contacted her on messenger. And she responded almost immediately.

She had a kind of a pig nose. And she wore big glasses. But that’s some kind of fashion thing that drifted over from South Korea. It didn’t bother me. Especially when I saw her full body pictures. Her figure was outstanding. It was even better than most women in Cambodia, which is really amazing. There was a picture of her in a skin tight jean skirt that was super hot. I know they fake angles and filters on Facebook. But it was genuinely good. And I told her so. We even started some light sex chat.

painting of braless women in Cambodia

So I was ready to go when she met me at a Brown Coffee shop the next evening. She showed up in a tan office skirt and a white business blouse that was somehow sexy. We chatted over coffee and I laid it on heavy. I was getting hard right in the coffee shop. That says something. I usually take a couple of cranks to get at full attention even with a naked chick in front of me now. But she was that sexy. I mentioned it to her and she glanced at the tent in my pants. She giggled and actually seemed to get turned on. A big difference from America where apparently it is now illegal to proposition an adult woman for sex, or something.

After some urging, she finally agreed to come to my room. She said she never did anything like that before. I don’t know if it was true. And I don’t care. I sat next to her on the couch and ripped off my clothes. We kissed and moved to the shower. Her body was great. I find that to be the case with most of the women in Cambodia I’ve had the pleasure to see naked. She was short and compact but with a tight stomach. Her thighs were thick and her ass was round and firm. Her tits were at least as big as the average American chicks I used to do. And her nipples were actually bright pink!

She sucked dick okay. But I was more into exploring her hot body. I spent a good thirty minutes sucking her nipples the first day. Then I did her a few more times in every position imaginable on subsequent days. I went in raw the first time and kept doing it that way. Within a week I had shot loads all over her. I even delivered her first facial. She enjoyed it but eventually she told me she was looking for a boyfriend. I told her I wasn’t ready to settle down. She drifted away after that. But I was getting so much paid action on the side that I didn’t really care. Keeping her around wouldn’t have been bad. But losing her was no great loss either.

The childless MILF

The next Khmer chick I met was something like a childless MILF. What I mean is that she looked like a MILF. And at 29 she was old enough to be one. But she didn’t actually have a kid. So she wasn’t actually a mother. Not that she didn’t try. More on that later. For now let me just say that she had an excellent and curvy body. Her big tits were obvious when she showed up with no bra under her shirt! And her big ass was stretching the limits of her tight jeans.

I found this one on Tinder. It is still a struggle to get anything good from internet dating sites in Cambodia. But at times it can work if you put in the time and effort. I started talking to her in English. And we agreed to meet that night at a Gloria Jean’s coffee shop.

When she showed up she looked pretty good. She was pretty with an Indian looking face. I could tell she was hot though. I mean temperature wise, not sexy. Admittedly, I was surprised to clearly see her nipples coming through her thin t-shirt. But not as surprised as I would have been a few years ago. There’s a whole change in the way women in Cambodia are acting. Especially women under thirty in Phnom Penh.

Anyway she told me about her family business. They ran a furniture manufacturing place. She did most of the work. Her parents were old and her brothers were useless. She also told me about all the foreign guys who did her wrong. So it wasn’t all that exciting. But it was exciting when I said we should go to my room to talk more. Because she agreed right then and there.

Back in the room we got right into sex. So her hard nipples poking through her shirt were a real indicator. Her body was pretty good out of the clothes. She had some marks of a hard life lived. But the tits were big and the booty was bouncy. She deep throated me for a while which let me know that she definitely had experience with western dudes. She got on top and rode like a pro. Then she told me to cum in her. She said it was very hard for her to get pregnant. In the heat of the moment, I went with it and unloaded a hot wad right into her box. It felt good man. It felt real good. And she never did get knocked up.

The problem after that was that she got clingy and sent a lot of messages. When I didn’t return them fast enough, she would freak out. She said I was like the other foreigners. Blah, blah, blah. She wasn’t worth the effort, so I just stopped responding. I saw her with a French dude in a riverside bar weeks later. She gave me a dirty look.

The university student

The last sexual relationship I had with a regular woman in Cambodia during my recent stay was also my longest. She was a nineteen year old student at one of the only legitimate universities in Phnom Penh. I met her in a coffee shop when she looked at a book I was reading and asked me why I would waste my time reading it. She was feisty!

Both of the other chicks I mentioned could speak English well enough. But this girl was fluent. She barely had an accent. It only came out when she spoke certain words. I could relate to her culturally somewhat too. She knew about popular music, movies and games. She also knew about other countries in the world, including my own.

To be honest, her face was just average. But her body was spectacular. She had light skin and Chinese features. The first day I met her, I drove her home. Then we met again for food after her classes. The third day we met for coffee again. Then I said I was going home and asked her to come with me. She agreed. Easy as that.

As soon as we were in the room, I showed her the bedroom. Then I started kissing her. It got fast and furious. Within minutes I had her white shirt and blue uniform skirt on the ground. She unfastened her own bra to reveal an amazing set of firm and perky tits that still flash through my mind all the time. She had almost no body hair except for a small patch of soft pubes over her pussy. And it was pink, wet and very tight. As it turned out I was only the second guy she had done. The first was a Cambodian guy who came in thirty seconds and then never met her again.

I did her bareback daily for a couple of weeks. But I always unloaded outside. I tried to help her develop her suck skills too. But they didn’t go anywhere. It might have had something to do with her teeth. Still that body was great. And she was cool to hang out with and talk to. Until she got annoying. So finally, I told her I just wanted to be friends. She said okay. I never saw her or heard from her again.

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