Smooci expands through Philippines and Cambodia

Since Smooci first showed up it has expanded throughout Asia and even the rest of the world. If you remember, Smooci first popped up in Thailand back in 2017. I wrote about it here about halfway through 2018. It’s now the end of 2019 and the website covers all sorts of places like Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and even Berlin. Now they are planning to add Cebu and Angeles City in the Philippines and Phnom Penh in Cambodia. I have to admit that this surprises me. I knew an “Uber of escorts” would be popular, but I didn’t realize how fast it would spread.

To be honest I am surprised to see that the site is expanding to Cambodia. I never though such a thing would happen, but it seems to be a reality. Booking online escorts in English there has been pretty much unheard of for as long as I have been paying attention. There was some online escort site floating around on the internet, but I was never sure if it was real. I recognized the pictures of a few Cambodian women who worked in hostess bars on that site, but something seemed off about it. There are also some escorts on WeChat in Phnom Penh, but that is full of scammers. So Smooci will be something totally new there. Apparently, Smooci also has plans to expand to Vietnam and Indonesia this year. So that would be two more frontiers.

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Smooci has already been in the Philippines for a while. Angeles City and Cebu are popular cities for foreigners, so I am sure the site will be popular there. It is pretty easy to pick up chicks in Angeles City with the right amount of money. But the bars can be a hassle and there are now more chicks that won’t even leave the bar with guys unless they fit a certain mold. Cebu has been that way for a while. There are entire bars there full of chicks that won’t leave with a guy who isn’t Asian. So there’s definitely room for online escort booking in that area.

I explained how Smooci works in a previous review of the company. Really though, it’s all self explanatory. As soon as you open the site you know what you’re looking at. It is set up to easily guide you through the process of booking an escort in any of the many cities the site covers.

First you select the city you are in. Next you select the time that you want to book an escort. Then you choose whether you want incall or outcall. Then they show you the escorts that meet your criteria. Each escort profile comes with pictures, statistics and a list of activities they offer. They show the price too. There are also reviews available, and a lot of the listings will have verified photos which help eliminate the common practice of escorts and escort agencies using fake pictures.

Smooci is totally free to use and they don’t even have advertising or anything like that on the site. It almost reminds me of Craigslist in that it’s so easy to use and clean. They do have a premium option for end users though. For a little bit of money that adds a lot of features. The biggest one in my view is that it allows you to actually track the progress of an escort as she makes her way to the meeting place, just like Uber does with drivers! Premium members can also book quick sessions that are shorter than the minimum sessions for general users. There are a good amount of features for such little money.

Premium members can also see verified reviews from other people who have already booked the escorts and met them in person. There is even a live chat feature that lets users to contact the escorts on the site in real time. To make things more appealing, Smooci is now planning to give discounts on bookings to premium members. Premium members will get discounts between $3 and $15 off of every booking they make. In some cases it almost seems like Smooci will actually be giving away money. Because they have a 3 day premium membership for only $9.99. So if they give someone with a 3 day membership a 15 dollar discount on a booking, it’s like the person doing the booking was actually receiving $5.01 from the company. I don’t know how they can do that, I just know that they are doing that kind of thing. That’s enough for me.

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