Street 136 Bars in Phnom Penh now open during the day

In a somewhat new development, I’ve noticed that a lot of bars on Street 136 in Phnom Penh are now open during the day. That means they are up and running at 6 in the morning when the most hardcore are just finishing their nights but also at noon when the equally hardcore start their drinking! When I say “I noticed,” I mean I saw that they were open and then instantly headed to them to check out the chicks.

I’ve already told you about the hostess bars in Phnom Penh years ago. I’ve gone even further than that and told you about all the new girlie bars in Phnom Penh that opened up in the last year too.

Well things change so fast that news about this place can be outdated almost as soon as you write it! At least one of the most interesting hostess bars in Phnom Penh is now closed. Thankfully, the worst girlie bar in Phnom Penh is gone too.

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On top of that a lot of the new bars and some of the old standbys on Street 136 are running around the clock. There were always one or two places that tried to do this, but as far as I could tell it never got them much in the way of business. Well, the Walkabout was always filled with people probably largely due to Meth but that’s something else. Plus, the Walkabout is now gone anyway.

You might expect to see only a few super worn out old bats in the bars during the daylight hours. You wouldn’t be far off even a year ago, but I’m seeing something different now. There are actually some hot twenty something chicks sitting outside of the bars that are open now even when you pass by in the middle of the day.

Daytime bars on Street 136

The big Mr Butterfly bar on the corner has what could be a full staff on during the day even in the middle of the week. With their pool table right outside you can see them all there too. No one seems to give a shit. The old ladies eating rice at the street vendor on the corner just go on with their business. To tell the truth, I don’t really give a shit either. Mr Butterfly was never high on my list and after I heard that some guys were getting cheated on their bills there I figured I’d never go in again.

The fact is, I don’t need to go there. Right across the street on the other corner there’s huge multi-level place that some dudes redid a few years ago. It’s filled with chicks too, even in the early afternoon. Surprisingly a lot of them look pretty good. On top of that they’ve got their open air pool tables under roofs and away from prying eyes. So if I want to play pool, I don’t have to do it with a gang of bored tuk tuk drivers staring at me the whole time.

These aren’t the only bars open. There are a bunch. I was really surprised when I saw it, but now I’m starting to like it. One of the best things about Soi 6 in Pattaya is that the bars open around noon so you don’t have to wait for the sun to go down to have fun.

Bar atmosphere in the daylight

Drinks are cheaper during the day at a lot of the Street 136 bars. Some of them stick to the regular prices but others put in the effort to either bring more guys in or at least reward those among us strong enough to tackle a hostess bar in the middle of the day while regular people walk by doing their routine business. I wouldn’t say I “have no shame” even if I am not ashamed of hanging out with bar girls at lunch time. Then again, some of the guys I’ve seen in the bars at the same time probably really have no shame. No judgement, I’m just saying.

Bar fines are no different during the day, but the chicks sure seem a hell of a lot more eager to go out with you than they do on nights when the bars are filled with horny dudes. Even though the bars do get some customers during the day, it’s nothing like the more popular night. On top of that, any bar girl working during the day is probably doing it because they want to get their hands on some cash. It all makes sense and it all comes together to make Street 136 a decent daytime option in Phnom Penh.

I’m glad I stumbled across the bars open during the day. I still check them out at night too, but it’s good to have an option for lunch when you’re hungry for more than just a plate of fried rice and a cup of coffee.

Let’s see if other bars on the street and the streets around it take notice and start opening up during the day or even going the 24 hour route too.

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