The real price of prostitution in Cambodia

Today I am going to tell you the real price of prostitution in Cambodia. This is not going to be some tear jerking behind the scenes expose aimed at making men feel bad if they pay a prostitute for sex. Sex work is work and speaking for myself I would rather fuck than slave away in a sweatshop for 10 hours a day just to make six bucks. I am simply going to tell you the going rate for sex in Cambodia.

Why would I do this? Mostly because I am tired of hearing and seeing guys talk crazy shit about how all women in Cambodia want $150 to $200 for sex. The truth is, if a Cambodian chick tells you wants $200 for sex it means she really doesn’t want to have sex with you. She sets the price above her tolerability range. If the high price scares you off, then she is happy. And if you’re crazy enough to pay the outrageous sum of money, then she still makes out. Because you are paying several times over what she charges most other dudes.

I am mainly talking about the hostess bars here, but I will get into all the rest too. I have already made a complete list of prostitute prices by country that of course includes Cambodia. I’ve also written about the price of of a happy ending in Asia. But here I am going to single in on the Kingdom of Wonder here. Mainly because it seems to be the place where I hear the weirdest stuff about prices.

How much is “up to you”

I think the issues with western guys in Cambodia is that it is not a western country. Nor is it westernized. Millions of people visit Cambodia but most of them do not pay hookers for sex. Prostitution is mainly set up for local dudes with a secondary market of Asian guys. Then you get the western tourists, expats, and visa runners from Fun Town Pattaya for a day or two. These are mainly guys who refuse to speak the local language or even try to comprehend the local culture.

phnom penh at night

In Thailand people say “up to you” quite a lot when it comes to prices. But if they are used to dealing with know nothing tourists then they will start to learn to give actual set rates. Of course these rates will be much higher than what guys in the know pay. But they will be put right out front.

In Cambodia the “up to you” stuff goes even further, especially when it comes to sex. And some people either don’t have the experience with stupid foreigners or simply can’t understand why a guy will come right out and demand a price.

Bar girl prices in Cambodia

Most chicks working in hostess bars just want to be regular women. At the same time they do recognize that what they do is a business. Yet their heart and minds both combine when dealing with customers. With some exception, most Khmer bar girls are still not the total mercenaries you find in a place like Soi Cowboy.

These chicks need to feed themselves (and often half of their families) of course. But they still want to have a good time. Being charming, dressing for success, and being flirtatious is the best way to go. When the chicks actually like the guys this can and does lead to free hookups. But it can also lead to sex with little said, where the guy who actually knows how things works simply hands his new friend an acceptable fee as she heads out after the boom boom.

What is an acceptable fee? That depends. But I can tell you that I paid women working in Phnom Penh bars $30 ten years ago and I still pay that today. Sometimes I pay more. Maybe $50 just because I have the money, Phnom Penh is expensive, and I feel like sharing with a nice lady that let me fuck her. I never go higher than that, especially when I fuck right inside the bar. And I have never paid “$150 to 200” or was ever even asked anything near that. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

There’s no accounting for suckers

Now if you look like a sucker, you may very well get treated like one. But even then I don’t see how a guy would end up paying some crazy rate if he went to a fishbowl massage parlor or even a chicken farm. The rates in those places are the rates. When you walk into McDonald’s the price for a hamburger is there on the wall. They don’t adjust it based around how much of a mark you look like.

Prices can be more subjective and variable in KTVs, massage parlors, and with freelancers. But even then it is a negotiation with everything that comes into that. Plus there are basic market standards. It’s just like buying fruit at the market in Phnom Penh. They don’t write the price on the oranges, but anyone with experience had a general idea of what they should pay. So they realize that someone asking $25 for an orange is trying to run a scam.

Now there are high end chicks like actresses who really do get as much as 10 or 20 thousand dollars to fuck. But they are only going with big shot businessmen with connections. There might even be a couple of sharks who haunt the nightclubs looking for suckers who regularly stick guys for 200 a night too. Who knows? All I can tell you is what the general average rates are for the various kinds of prostitutes in Cambodia.

It goes a little something like this. Chicken farm chicks charge $5-20. Street hookers charge $5-25. Happy ending massage chicks charge $10-20. Hostess bar chicks charge $20-100. Fishbowl chicks charge $30-100. KTV chicks charge $20-100. Beer garden chicks charge $20-100. Freelancers charge $20-100. The average price overall is somewhere in the 20 to 50 dollar range. Any more than that is probably a premium. And any more than $100 is probably insane. I can’t tell you what to do and I wouldn’t. I can only tell you what most people who do pay for sex actually pay here in Cambodia.

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