WeChat prostitutes in Phnom Penh

A few days ago, I wrote about WeChat prostitutes in Ho Chi Minh City. There aren’t nearly as many WeChat prostitutes in Phnom Penh, but there are sex workers seeking out clients on the app.

Phnom Penh only has less than one fifth the population of Ho Chi Minh City. It probably has more hostess bars per person but it has less freelancers. Even though everyone in the city seems to be walking around with a smartphone stuck on Facebook the prostitutes aren’t using the internet to find customers as much as the hookers in Vietnam.

Ladyboys are the only exception. They seem to rely on the internet a lot more than regular chicks. I don’t know why. Some Khmer and Thai people claim ladyboys are smart. I think it’s more likely they have no other choice. There aren’t any ladyboy bars in Phnom Penh. Most hostess bars won’t hire ladyboys. There are exceptions like Candy Bar and Butterfly Bar on Street 136, but for the most part Ladyboys who want to have sex for money have to hang around the few freelance spots like Sorya Mall and Wat Phnom or hustle on the internet.

Prostitutes no WeChat

WeChat is a pretty reliable place to find women in Ho Chi Minh City. In the worst case scenarios there might be an agent pretending to be a particular woman and using pictures that show skin that is a little whiter. When it comes to actually meeting the chicks though, the woman from the picture usually shows up and provides the services promised for the agreed upon price.

In Phnom Penh, WeChat is filled with regular people and scammers. Last time I fired up the app and searched for “People Nearby,” I saw a lot of civilians and a few obvious sex workers. The sex workers wrote stuff like “make love” or “Who can help me $” in their profiles.

WeChat prostitutes Phnom Penh

One of the chicks was an independent who lived on the riverside. She wanted $100 to meet at her apartment. She wasn’t that good looking at all. She was average at best. Since she was asking double the going rate and was nothing special I obviously didn’t meet her.

Some of the others were obviously ladyboys. A few were chicks that worked in hostess bars. I could tell from their pictures, their hair, their gold jewelry and the way they wrote. A few of them even took pictures in front of hostess bars, so there was no question.

One or two others posted pictures of really hot Asian chicks with big boobs. Since I know from local friends that there are networks in Cambodia where really good looking women including some TV and movie stars sell sex I thought I might have been on to something. It turns out I was wrong.

Booking a date

I got in touch with one of the people in the profiles. They quickly asked me if I wanted to make love. I said yes. They said it would be $100. I asked for pictures of the women. They said they had Khmer, Vietnamese and Chinese women and sent several pictures.

Next I told them I didn’t want to meet in my room since my wife was there. That was a lie. I just wanted to see what the deal was without calling a random stranger over to the four star Amanjaya Pancam Suites where I was staying. The WeChat chatter referred me to a hotel near the riverside and told me to message once I got a room there. I checked the place out. It was a regular mid range Phnom Penh guest house.

I walked over to the hotel, since it was near my room. They wanted $29 for the room. I said I only needed it for two hours. They offered the same room for $20. I wrote the WeChat profile and said the prices were stupid at the hotel they recommended. They told me to find another and write back. So I did. I went to one of the many other guest houses in the city that charges the usual $7 for two hours. Then I wrote back to the WeChat profile and told them to send over the Chinese chick in the picture. They said she’d be there in 5 minutes.

Five minute turned to twenty minutes. Then twenty turned to thirty. I wrote back and told them I was leaving. They told me to wait while they called the Chinese chick. Then they wrote me back saying she was in a taxi right in front of the hotel.

Moments later the phone rang. The front desk asked me if I had a guest coming. There was some trepidation in the guy’s voice. I should have figured it out. Instead I said yes. Then I looked through the peephole and waited.

I heard the Chinese chick’s shoes as she climbed the steps. Then I saw her, and realized it was no “her” at all. It was a light skinned Khmer ladyboy with a boob job and lots of cleavage. It looked like a girl but I was sure it was a ladyboy.

The bait and switch

I opened the door with what was probably a face of rage. The ladyboy was really timid and seemed scared. I calmed down a bit and clearly said that I called for a Chinese chick. She was obviously not Chinese and not a girl. She didn’t argue much. I said “listen, I know you have a dick.” The ladyboy tried to alter her voice as much as possible and said “I don’t have a cock, I will show you.”

So, it was a post-op ladyboy. Still nothing I was interested in. I told the ladyboy straight out that I wasn’t interested. I shut the door and locked it. Then I called downstairs and told the guy at the front desk the deal. He laughed and said, “yeah I know.” A minute later he called me and told me the ladyboy left.

Then I got a message on WeChat. “Hello, what happened?” I didn’t answer. Fuck that scamming weasel. There are lots of guys who love ladyboys. Look at all the ladyboy bars opening in Thailand every day. Nana Plaza is half ladyboy bars now! Why lie?

Did they honestly expect me to just accept a Cambodian ladyboy? Did they think I was stupid enough to be fooled? Did they think that I’d be so horny that I would fuck whoever showed up? Did they think I would be intimidated? Who knows.

After that debacle I went to one of the old standby massage parlors and got off with a hot Khmer chick for a mere forty bucks. It was quick and easy. There were no hassles or worries. It was nothing like WeChat.

I chatted with one other person on WeChat later and it seemed to be going down the same route. From that I drew some conclusions. One is that WeChat sucks for finding women in Phnom Penh, unless you’re looking to find a “woman” who can both suck and be sucked! Another has to do with the kinds of sex workers on WeChat in the city. In Ho Chi Minh City there are a lot of agents pretending to be single chicks. In Phnom Penh there are ladyboys pretending to be agents!

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