Where are the women in Siem Reap?

The women in Siem Reap aren’t waiting around to throw themselves at foreign guys with money. The city is the most visited in Cambodia thanks to its location next to the famous Angkor War temple complex. And that is the main money maker. There are lots of male tourists. But unlike a lot of Southeast Asia, there’s no real sustained effort to make them part with their money by way of love or lust.

Siem Reap continues to grow with the influx of tourists. It’s not as bad as the total transformation down in Sihanoukville. But it is noticable. So a few bars have popped up here and there. But many of them cater to the unwashed backpacker crowd. And most of the others are aimed at the tourists from other parts of Asia. That makes sense since they probably outnumber Westerners by a factor of twenty to one.

Temple Town, Cambodia

When I first went to Siem Reap years ago it was a pretty small town. There weren’t many women available at all. Now there are all kinds of hotels and resorts. But there still aren’t that many available women. While out of touch officials in Thailand dream of turning Pattaya into a “family resort destination” the people in Cambodia have actually been able to keep Siem Reap pretty much oriented around the temples. And I am find with that.

Temple Town Cambodia

But there are still a lot of times when guys find themselves in Temple Town. And of course some of them get horny and want to find some company. I understand them, because I have been in the exact same position. I have been able to meet a lot of lovely ladies in Siem Reap. So it’s definitely possible.

Women in Siem Reap

Dating women in Siem Reap is possible. But most Khmer women there aren’t going to want to meet with a guy passing through as a tourist. If you hang around for a while and learn some words and phrases, things get a lot easier. It’s like dating anywhere else, just with its own local touches. You also have to deal with the smaller population, which means the dating pool isn’t going to be anything like that in Phnom Penh.

It’s also possible to hook up with Khmer chicks in Siem Reap. There are some women there who like foreigners and can speak English well. They might be looking for a boyfriend or just some fun. The easiest places to run into them are bars along Pub Street (Street 8) and the Hip Hop Club.

Khmer pub street

Like anywhere else in Cambodia, there’s also plenty of prostitution. It’s not in your face. And it’s not at Nana Plaza levels. But it is definitely there. Right in town, you often find freelancers at Mickey’s. If you head out a little outside of the main tourist part of town, you will find even more.

What most wannabe dogooders won’t tell you is that most of the guys who go to prostitutes in Cambodia are Cambodian. So it follows that the Cambodians have their own “Khmer pub street” in Siem Reap too. And that’s the more lively area. It’s filled with sexy KTV clubs and beer gardens full of chicks and beer promo girls. There are also some cheap bamboo brothels on the outskirts of town. Every tuk tuk driver knows them. And many are eager to push them on solo male tourists so they can get the round trip fare.

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