My review of Chinese Kisses

Chinese Kisses is a Chinese dating site. That is something you may already know. But is Chinese Kisses any good? I have put in a lot of time with this website and I can give you a definitive answer.

I have been a member of Chinese Kisses for several years. I used it pretty heavily in 2018-2019. Then when the pandemic came in I thought I might not use it again. But I suddenly started getting more messages than ever. I guess women with lots of time on their hands and no place to go find me more attractive.

But back before that I was still getting several messages a day. That was even without me logging in all the time and staying active. Sometimes I would take a 2-3 week break while I was traveling another country like Thailand. Then I would log back in to Chinese Kisses and see tons of messages.

Meeting women at Chinese Kisses

There are lots of dating sites now. Some of them are set up with bullshit bots that send you fake messages. Then you have the sites where only the old and fat chicks with 9 kids send you any messages. But my experience at Chinese Kisses has only been positive.

Most of the chicks who message me at Chinese Kisses are in the 20-24 age range. In other words they are right where I want to be! Chinese women tend to like older men. When you look at a 24 year old babe’s profile at Chinese Kisses it will usually say she’s looking for guys aged 25-50. That spells opportunity!

Chinese Kisses dating site

I have had a couple of older chicks message me too. But one of them was an absolute Asian MILF who I ended up meeting in real life to great results. Since Asian MILFs can be great, I didn’t mind that at all.

I also met a bunch of chicks from the site in Beijing in mid-2019. That included a college student and a 20 year old chick who worked in a bread factory. Believe it or not but the factory chick was actually the better looking of the two. And she was a lot more fun to be around. The other chicks were hit or miss. But I can’t say I had a bad time with any of them. That is the honest truth.

What shocked me was how easily it was to meet women in real life. If you’ve ever been to China then you know it’s one of the harder places to meet women casually. Especially if you don’t speak the language. I speak no Chinese, so I have to find English speaking chicks. Or at least women willing to use Google translate. With Chinese Kisses I could suss everything out in advance. Though almost all the women I asked were willing to come right out and meet me when I was in Beijing.

Chinese Kisses for Chinese dating

It should be obvious that I haven’t been back to China in 2020 or 2021. It’s not that I wouldn’t like to visit. It’s just that travel in and out of the country is more or less locked down. So is Disney World from time to time. But that is another subject.

Still, I am getting a lot of messages from chicks in China even now. That is different from say Vietnam. I have always had great luck meeting women there in the past. But when the pandemic started it seemed like virtually everyone in Vietnam turned their focus inward and totally closed off to the outside world. Even chicks! That hasn’t happened in China. At least not in my experience. And not with Chinese Kisses.

I feel like when the world fully opens back up there will be at least a million women in China rearing and ready to go with a foreign dude. Those of us who have put in the minor amount of leg work required to keep and maintain contacts in this tough time are going to reap most of the rewards. Online dating isn’t like it used to be. Nowadays you can make a real connection through the internet and no one thinks it’s weird. Except maybe your grandma.

There are some places where online dating works, and some where it doesn’t. I never had much luck with the internet and China. That makes sense since everything from Facebook to Google is banned or blocked by the Great Firewall. But Chinese Kisses works wonders. In fact it might work so well because the other more usual options don’t exist. Whatever the case may be I can totally recommend this site for anyone who is interested in dating real Chinese women from the People’s Republic.

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