How to date and have sex with women in Colombia

Colombia is a huge and hugely popular country in South America. It is easy to get in and pretty easy to get around. Colombian women are world famous for being hot, sexy and outgoing. I don’t know that this is all true but I can see why people like the place. Especially since the cost of living there is so cheap.

Prostitution is also legal and common in Colombia. While there are some expensive high end escorts most of the sex is also sold cheap. Low cost brothels are common and charge as little as 40,000 Colombian Pesos. That is just over 10 dollars in American money. All of this has an effect on the relations between men and women.

I won’t spend too much time here talking about all the prostitution in Colombia. I have already written about that elsewhere on the website. I do have to note it though. Because it exists and it always weighs at the back of my mind. After all, who cares if a date goes south or doesn’t even materialize when there are cheap brothels all over the place?

Meeting Colombian women

I have been to Colombia many times. I started traveling there a long time ago. Then I visited again more recently when so many other countries were closed off to foreigners. I spent nearly all my collective time in Colombia looking for women. So I definitely put in my time and effort required. Now I can give you a good idea of how to date and have sex with women in Colombia.

Colombian chica

First I have to admit that I don’t think Colombian women are necessarily as outgoing and spicy hot as the stereotypes would suggest. I would even venture to say that most Colombian women are actually rather subdued. You can walk through the crowded streets of Colombia’s biggest cities without so much as making eye contact with a single lady. It’s a lot like New York or Tokyo in that way.

Now this isn’t to say you can’t meet women in Colombia. You have tons of options and they are all pretty effective. You can go to cafes or especially nightclubs to meet ladies. You can try to run regular day game on the streets and especially in the parks. You can use dating apps and websites like tinder and Latin Love. Or you can just live your regular life and flirt with women along the way in restaurants, grocery stores and anywhere else you come across them. If you’re many enough to break the ice you will find that most Colombians are at least friendly enough to chat back. Sometimes a little chat goes a long way!

Colombia dating overview

Another thing that goes a long way is the ability to speak the local language. If you can’t speak any Spanish at all you might have a tougher time of it. Sure some women do speak English in Colombia. But they aren’t as common as you might expect. And people here will expect you to speak Spanish. After all you are inside of their country where Spanish is the national language. If you can’t speak any Spanish at all you’ll probably want to stick to online dating where you can at least use Google translate to start out.

I also suggest guys learn how to dress if they plan on dating in Colombia. Local dudes tend to be fashionable or at the very least clean. One way to stand out as a tourist and get ignored or scorned by large numbers of women in Colombia is to dress like a schlub from the middle of Kansas.

While I first visited Colombia many years ago I am basing what I write here on my recent experiences. In terms of regular old dating I had the most luck with Latin Love. Sure I had to pay for my account there and sort through the women from the other countries. But you have to do the same thing with Tinder if you actually want to be successful at all. A regular Tinder account is basically worthless these days. You either go gold or go home.

I met the most normal women on Latin Love. That includes one indigenous chick with massive hooters. I didn’t end up banging her but she was nice to talk to and fun to be around so that didn’t matter. I never even pushed the issue. So maybe I could have screwed her. But when you’re in a country with $3 blowjobs you tend not to feel so much pressure to get the pussy. At least I don’t.

I have to say that if I was staying in Colombia long term and looking for a girlfriend or wife, I would base most of my activity around a Latin Love account. On the other hand if I was looking for freelance and semi-pro prostitutes I would just work my Tinder gold account heavy and set up in a central location.

In my case I wanted to test out the waters. So I used both sites, hit a couple of popular nightlife spots and then ultimately ended up spending most of my time and money in the many cheap brothels of Colombia. I can say that I had a good time in Colombia though there were a few slow stretches where action was more difficult to come by. That seems to be how it goes in this part of the world.

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