I fucked a Colombian chick on the way to a brothel

Not too long ago I was on my way to a cheap brothel in Colombia. I took an Uber and had him drop me off when we got to the address. Not right at the door but on the same block. There was a little tienda store there so I decided to pop in and buy a drink before I went up to the whore house. I ended up hitting it off with the lady running the shop. I hung out in her store for a few hours. Then she closed and we went to a hotel. And then I fucked her. How funny is that?

When I was 19 I gave up on whatever was left of a traditional way of life in America. I went on the road and never looked back. I’ve been all over the world at this point. Doing more fucking than working. I’ve run into a lot of wild situations. I actually got tired of relaying them to my friends back home one-by-one. And this certainly isn’t stuff you’d post on Facebook where your mom can read it. So I decided to start this website. The rest is history.

Now I have been in some real crazy situations ranging from fucking 3 sisters to having sex with three women in 2 hours. But running into a random shop keeper on the way a brothel and being balls deep in her hole hours later is really incredible. At least in my view.

colombia streets

What makes the whole thing even more memorable is that this woman just had a nose job. So she had a cast-like white bandage over her nose the entire time. Yet we never even mentioned it or brought up the subject at all. Even when she was sucking my cock and trying not to bump her newly constructed snotbox on my pelvic bone!

The chick in question was 24 years old. The shop was actually owned buy her parents. She lives with them and works in their shop. It’s a typical thing in poorer countries. When I was that age the last thing I wanted to do was live at home. But hey more power to her. It worked out for me since I got to try out a couple of her holes. It was no cost or obligation either. I haven’t even talked to her since that fateful day.

Sometimes when I write about my sex stories and adventures here guys will ask for tips in picking up women. These days I probably pay for more pussy than I pick up. But I am still fucking lots of women for free each year. I don’t necessarily go looking for them unless you consider browsing sites like Latin Love to be active pursuit. A lot of times it’s like this where I just run into a random chick. She smiles or looks nice or sexy. I strike up a conversation. If she is cold or I can tell it’s going nowhere then nothing is lost. But if she chats back I keep things going then ask her to hang out. I don’t really know what more I can say.

In this case I ended up enjoying my cold drink at a little table they had set up in the store. We kept on chatting. Eventually she asked me what I was doing. I said nothing. She closed the store at 5:00 PM and I suggested we go somewhere. She said it was late and dangerous to be outside. So I suggested going somewhere private to talk more. Next thing you know we are in a hotel and I am plugging away on her pussy. It was far from the best snatch I ever scored but it was certainly enough to get my load out. And that ought to count for something.

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