Is Colombia overrated?

Is Colombia overrated? A lot of guys consider Colombia to be the source of some of the hottest women on earth. Living there is cheap. I can’t argue with that at all. And there sure are lots of eager chicks and plenty of prepagos and prostitutes. But after repeated visits to Colombia I just don’t think the place is all it is hyped up to be.

I first visited Colombia years ago, before I even had an idea to make this website. Then recently I went back again. I wanted to give the place another shot. Plus it was one of the few places that stayed open throughout all the lock downs and travel bans. And it is definitely a lot safer than it used to be. Easier to get around too. It’s still no Singapore to be sure. But you’re a little less likely to get kidnapped and held for ransom these days. So that has to count for something.

At the same time the chicks got fatter and more manly. At least from what I have seen. I was in a couple of cities and the majority of women I saw were chunky. I don’t mean curvy or thicc the way your homies back home like them now in the new fat chick appreciation era. I mean they have fat filled arms, cellulite, out of shape bodies and stuff like that. To make matters worse a lot of them are just walking around in the most basic gear. Regular jeans, t-shirts, sneakers. You know, the stuff your homies back home wear!

Am I biased?

Now maybe I am thrown off after spending so many years balls deep in Asia. In Asia, most women still put on makeup every day, do their hair, and wear stuff like dresses, skirts and high heels. Well except in Thailand where many also suffer from the chicks-borrowing-their-brothers-clothes phenomenon. But in the rest of Asia it would be pretty shocking to see a woman out in public who is not looking good or at least looking like a woman.

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Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a misogynist. Any woman can wear whatever they want. But I am also free to be totally disinterested in a chick that dresses worse than me. So after hearing about how hot Colombianas supposedly are for decades, I have to admit that I am disappointed in what I saw. Sure I dated a lot of chicks in Colombia. And I fucked even more of them. But at the same time I doubt I would go back there unless there was something really special going on.

In some ways my disappointment with Colombia makes me think of Amsterdam. It’s maybe the first place any man imagines when they think of prostitution. But it’s just not that great of a place for paid sex. It is even worse as a place to pick up chicks on the regular.

Colombia also reminds me of Czechia. A lot of people claim the hottest chicks in the world come from there. The women are easy to meet and hookup with. And there are plenty of prostitutes who do not charge much money. But I was similarly disappointed in the Czech Republic. I appreciate what was there. And I am glad I went. I might even go back on some special occasion. But it just wasn’t anything that would make me jump out of my seat.

Are Colombian women sexy?

I think a lot of guys might imagine Czech chicks are so hot simply because there aren’t that many fat women in Czechia. Or at least as many as they find back home. But skinny doesn’t equal hot. I’ve seen way more hot chicks come out of Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Venezuela than either Czechia or Colombia. That is just a fact.

The same with Colombian chicks. They are supposed to be these red hot Latinas with blazing bodies. In reality there are plenty of fat chicks there but also a lot of rail thin chicks with no tits or asses at all. A lot have wide manly shoulders, and still no ass or tits. Most of the chicks you do see with these big round boobs and butts had plastic surgery. Now I don’t mind fake tits at all. Fake asses are gross though. And anyway I don’t want to hear a country is filled with these great bodies only to find that so many of them are made of plastic.

A lot of Colombian chicks are also hardened or stuck up. Maybe it’s because of the harsh environment. They’re dealing with macho guys who cat call every chick who walks down the street. And these same guys don’t give a fuck because they know they can go fuck in a brothel for $9 if the chick doesn’t answer. Then the Colombian chicks get big heads because they’re always hearing how their country is full of hot women. Maybe they don’t have mirrors in their rooms though. That could explain the lack of makeup.

When I think about a Thai go go bar like Heaven Above my nuts literally stir in my pants. When I remember my first time walking into Goldentime in Vienna and seeing 50 model level women in lingerie, my mouth actually waters. I can even flash back to memories in Tokyo peep shows and get an instant chubby. But when I think about Amsterdam, Czechia, or Colombia there is none of that.

That doesn’t mean these are bad places. Or that they aren’t worth a visit. If I didn’t have any expectations going in, I might even like them more than I do. I think they’re all cool places. Fun to visit. And I am glad I experienced it. But in terms of places to meet women I think they are overrated. Especially Colombia. Sorry, but that’s the truth how I see it. You don’t have to agree. This is simply my perspective.

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