Review of Jade Palace in Medellin

Jade Palace is an erotic massage parlor in Medellin. Some may also call it a jack shack or happy ending massage parlor. I wouldn’t call it that. Because this place is more about full service than it is about hand jobs. That is the difference to me.

For some reason this place shows up as “permanently closed” in Google. It is not. The same place at the same address now shows up as “Absolute Spa For Men Medellin” online. But when you go there it still says Jade Palace on the door. So what gives?

This reminds me of all the guys who say they got ripped off at Fase II in Google reviews. If you read my review of Fase II you will see that I have never had a problem there.

Search engines just collect information from various sources. They don’t create it themselves. That is why it can worthwhile to get the facts from knowledgeable people. That’s why blogs can have a lot of value even in this age of artificial intelligence and social media. Still take everything from everyone with a grain of salt. Remember to read the disclaimers!

Finding the Jade Palace

Jade Palace is very straightforward. The only complicated thing is finding the place. It is right on the corner with a main road but it is sort of hidden in a building. What I mean is that you have to ring a little bell and get buzzed in through a particular door to enter. You can’t just roll in off the street.

Jade palace sex massage medellin

Then again that’s true of many places ranging from cheap brothels to major hotels here in crime ridden Colombia.

Once you do get inside the place is pretty nice and set up like you might expect a spa to be. The chick behind the counter has a little menu of options but basically this is a wham bam thank you mam sort of establishment. A one hour appointment with everything included costs 120,000 Colombian Pesos. That is about $30 American. It is paid up front.

Jade Palace in review

After paying the fee you go into a back room. Then each of the chicks working at Jade walks in and does an introduction. They are wearing bra and panties which is always nice. Most of them look pretty good too. There is a decent mix of white, tan and black chicks. Especially considering the small sample size of just 3 or 4 women. This is a better way to check out the chicks then the usual lineup you see in Bangkok oily massage parlors.

On the other hand I have to say I like the Bangkok massage parlors a little more. They do a better and more sensual actual massage. Especially at the nuru massage places. Here at Jade it is a pretty plain and lame back rub then right into the action. That is cool too. But something is missing. Even at the hardcore straight-to-sex Bangkok shops like Tulip the chicks at least act like horny sluts and start throating your throbbing rod right out of the gate.

At Jade the chicks look good enough. They can ride in different positions too. It is all on a massage table though so it can be at least a little tricky. I just sit back and enjoy the ride. I finish well and all that. And the price is right enough. But while I would put this near the top of my list for Medellin I wouldn’t rank it on a global scale. I don’t even know if I would come back.

Maybe I am trained by spending so much time in Asia. But I prefer massage parlors to almost any other method or setup. Especially stuff like trying to find freelancers in nightclubs. If I wanted to pick up chicks, I would hop on Tinder and do that. When I just want to get a nut off I am looking for a relaxing place where I can easily exchange cash for services. Massage parlors work in exactly that way. Asian massage parlors the best. But when the best is not available I turn to the rest. That’s where Jade Palace fits for me.

Jade Palace is located at Carrera 38 #10-09, Interior 202, Medellin, Colombia. The parlor is open every day from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Here is the Jade Palace website which has all the info.

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