Costa Rica is overrated

Costa Rica is overrated. A lot of people rave about how great it is. You especially hear a lot of this from older dudes from certain parts of the United States. Supposedly it is cheap, the women are beautiful, blah, blah, blah. I have heard this story time and time again. Especially from people promoting a lifestyle and selling books while they go.

I sell some books here and there too, but more for fun than anything else. I made my living already. I started writing this website because I got tired of repeating my wild sex stories to the guys back home. I tell it like it is. That’s why I wrote about the perils of living in the third world and spelled out the stuff no one tells you about being an expat in Southeast Asia.

People with certain motives will tell you about the low cost of living here or there. Usually it is bullshit. If you are coming from the United States you already have one of the lowest costs of living around. At least for that standard of living. You can get a brand new car in middle America for $25,000. Go ahead and try that in Southeast Asia. How about a new iPhone? They sell them for $2500 in some countries where the average monthly income is $300. Land is cheaper in America than just about any other country in the world too. How about Starbucks? They charge the same price in Chicago as they do in Costa Rica. So forget that.

map of costa rica

Sure the dentists and doctors are a lot cheaper in Costa Rica. But there may be a reason for that. Do you think the best minds in medicine would rather work in a country where they get $25 per patient visit or a country where they get $1000? This isn’t rocket surgery guys.

What about other stuff? Well you can find hostels and hotels in San Jose for as little as $30 a night. But guess what? They are cockroach infested dumps. Places with holes in the walls lacking hot water. Is that how you want to live to save a few bucks? I stay in 4 star hotels in Bangkok for $30 – $50 all the time. They don’t have holes in the walls or giant cock roaches hiding under the pillows. And I have never run out of hot water.

Many months ago I asked if Colombia was overrated. In objective scientific faction I proved why it was. But Colombia has a lot of redeeming features, even if it is easy enough to get robbed and killed over there. Costa Rica is a hell of a lot safer. But the question is why would you really want to go there anyway?

I mean really, what is the advantage? It’s hot, humid and sweaty. There aren’t that many hot women in the country. The average chick in Costa Rica is well, average. There are lots of short stubby women with broad shoulders that walk around in men’s clothing with sour faces. If you’re imagining hot sexy Latinas in tight dresses think again. There are lots of dudes in dresses hustling around Gringo Gulch though.

The best looking women you see in the tourist areas are the prostitutes that come over from Colombia to make money. I am absolutely serious about this. It’s just like Panama. When you’re in a Costa Rica casino and you see some bombshell blond with big boobs you can bet 10 to 1 that she is from Colombia. And she wants $100 American for sex, even though the going price where she comes from is closer to $10. When you do meet a Tica there she is either a card dealer at a table with a stone cold demeanor or a weathered old granny cleaning the toilets. It’s a sucker bet.

Costa Rica is close to the western United States. It has a relaxed entry policy for Americans. Anyone from the US can basically fly in and set up shop with ease. In my opinion I think that’s why so many people claim it is a wonderful place. Costa Rica is just alright. It’s nothing special. Where it is cheaper you have to remember that you get what you pay for. The chicks aren’t any hotter than you would find in other parts of the world either. So in my view Costa Rica is definitely overrated for the single male traveler. Just ask Cuba Dave if you don’t believe me.

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