Red light districts in Prague

Last month I wrote about strip clubs in Prague. I’ve been focusing a lot on Asia so far, but I will be writing more about Europe and Latin America going forward. I’m still going to write about Asia of course. That’s now my second home. But I want to write about the rest of the world too. There’s a lot out there.

Prague is one of the cheaper cities in Europe. Of course you can go crazy and blow big money, but if you want to lay low and stay on a budget that is definitely possible. That’s even true when it comes to pay for play. There are some red light districts in Prague with really reasonable prices, at least partially because the country is sane enough not to outlaw prostitution.

Showpark Davinci

Showpark Davinci in Praha 2 is one of two places owned by the same people. You may be asking yourself how someone can own a redlight district but it’s possible in Prague. Showpark Davinci is a big building. You pay 240 Koruna, which is just over $10 American, to get inside. The owners make their money from this admission and from admission paid by the chicks who rent rooms in the building.

czech red light district

The ground floor has some stages and stripper poles, a bar, and a lot of seats. Chicks from all over the world hang out in this area. Some of them will come over and talk to you but others wait for you to talk to them. Most chicks are from Europe but there are also some African chicks at Showpark Davinci too. Prices are between you and the chicks. Since the chicks work for themselves no one can tell them how to set their rates. The average rate for short time is 1,500 Korunas. That’s $64 in US dollars. The chicks work right out of the rooms they rent, which are like nice big hotel rooms. It’s all business with the Davinci chicks. They have a wham, bam, thank you mam attitude, and most of them are pretty average looking.

Once you pay your admission you can hang out in the Showpark for a while. In between sessions some guys chill out at the bar and watch television or chat with the chicks. Others leave and come back later. The admission slip is good for 24 hours. Here’s the Showpark website.

Showpark Market

Showpark Market is over towards the famous castle that everyone goes to see. In my opinion it is a little better than Showpark Davinici. It only closes for six hours a day, between 6:00 AM and noon.

Showpark Market also charges 240 Koruna for admission, but after getting an admission slip from one of the Showparks you can then visit them both. Inside Showpark Market there is a similar set up too, but for some reason this location seems to draw a much better group of girls. There can be thirty or more hanging around sometimes, and they wear sexy clothes. Most of them put of a good vibe and at least don’t seem down on their work.

Prices are again up for discussion but the regular rates are the same as they are across the city. A handful of chicks think they are superstars and demand more, but unsurprisingly they are usually not good performers. Showpark Market uses the same website as Showpark Davinci.

The red light areas of Prague aren’t the best, but they are one of many options. It’s not surprising that the apartment brothels and saunas are more popular, but some guys like to shop around.

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