Sex saunas in Czechia

Czechia, formerly known as the Czech Republic, formerly known as Czechoslovakia, formerly known as Bohemia, probably has more names than it has sex saunas. They do have some sex saunas though, and that ought to be worth something, right?

I guess European style sex saunas originated in Germany. I mean, I’m not a sex work historian or anything but that seems to make sense. They’re mostly in German speaking countries or countries that border Germany. They all basically follow the same outline. Plus, people in Europe call them all FKK which is an acronym for a German phrase about the freedom to be nude in public.

I wrote about strip clubs in Prague last year. Except for the rip off joints, they don’t offer a bad value. The red light districts in Prague are basically two strip mall type places where hookers rent out rooms to bang customers. It’s not a great scene to be honest.

sexy sauna prague

So the sex saunas in Prague might be the best option for horny dudes looking to pay for play, with the possible exception of some of the private apartment brothels that I’ll write about in the future. The downside is, there’s really only one sex sauna in Prague unless you want to include K5 Club which I consider to be more of a strip club.

Czech sex saunas are like any other in Europe. You go in, pay an entrance fee, put your stuff in a locker, take a shower, put on a robe and slippers, then hang around inside for up to a full day. While you’re inside you can watch television, read, eat, drink or do basically whatever you want. You’re also surrounded by naked women who will screw you for a set fee.

Sauna Club

As far as I know, Sauna Club is the only real sex sauna in Prague. I’d love to be wrong but in months collectively spent in Prague and more time looking online and asking around it is the only one I ever found.

I was actually pretty cautious about Sauna Club the first time I went. It looks like an old house or something up front and its in an area that looks pretty scam laden with street hustlers and everything else. Plus they had some tough as nails, cold as ice, eastern European chick working the front desk looking like she wanted to kill everyone who came inside.

Plus the 2500 Koruna entrance fee is higher than I’d like. It’s more than almost every other sex sauna I’ve been to in Europe except for Goldentime but that’s in Vienna. Prague is supposed to be a cheap place, and in most cases it actually is.

Once I was inside my thoughts changed though. It is a huge place inside. It opens like a cave or some kind of hidden secret space. There’s different levels, a huge bar, all kinds of banging orbs (I’ll get to them soon), private bedrooms, and the most important part: tons and tons of butt naked but super sexy European chicks!

It’s not all roses though. On top of the high entrance fee the cost of banging chicks is a little high too. Don’t get me wrong, at 2000 Koruna for a suck and fuck it’s not astronomical. At the same time you gotta remember that you can pay 50 Euros for a blow and bang just over the border in Germany.

Maybe the worst part about it all is that the dollar has been sliding against both the Euro and the Koruna. So if you’re coming with American money you get fucked no matter which of the two currencies you choose to pay in. Where it might have run you $70 yo bang a chick at Sexy Sauna you now pay close to $100!

Anyway, you can’t blame the chicks for that. In fact, you can’t blame them for anything. Especially when almost every one of them looks damn good. They know how to work it too. When you approach one and ask to go at it, they take to you to these round orbs in another part of the place and put it down on you. It would be hard to complain about that at any cost.

On top of that the prices aren’t that out of the ordinary considering some guys are now dropping 6000 Baht to go short time with a Thai go go dancer. I guess things are just going up all over the board. Is it still inflation when it comes to the price of pussy? Oh well, there’s always Venezuela.

I’ll probably do a review of Sauna Club at some point in the future, but I have so much other stuff to write about I can’t make any promises. Plus I have other websites to maintain. For now it should be enough to describe it here as I just did. Right?

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