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I still remember the first time I went to a strip club in America. I went with a group of guys. We were all nervous and excited. Fast forward several years and I couldn’t care less about American strip clubs. I get bored when I go to them. I’ve already felt the warmth of other suns. I know that in other lands, strip clubs cost less and offer more.

Prague has a few strip clubs. The good ones aren’t very expensive and of course they are actually rational. That means that you can do more than just at ladies on stage. You can have sex with them too. Plus you don’t have to throw money just because a lady is dancing. There is no tipping at all when ladies dance. There are no stupid lap dance scams either, where you page big money for the pleasure of having a chick dry hump your leg.

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There are horror stories floating around about guys getting ripped off in Eastern European strip clubs. I know that the strip clubs in Frankfurt are basically a joke, but I haven’t had problems anywhere else. Despite all the stuff I’ve heard, in my experience the Prague strip clubs are pretty honest about what they offer.

Well, maybe not always. From what I hear, Atlas and a few others like it are tourist trap strip clubs of this kind, but I have never been inside of any of them. It’s like those live sex show rip offs you hear about in Patpong. I have heard a lot about them but never wandered into one in all of my years. I wouldn’t follow a taxi driver or street tout’s advice. So far that has saved me from any problems and let me concentrate on the better places.

AAA Club

AAA Exclusive Club looks a lot like an American strip club, except that it’s in a building that looks like a house. Since there are a lot of actual houses around it, it probably used to be one. There is a neon sign outside. Other than that you might not know that it was a strip club.

After you pass the sign you come to the entrance. They have a grumpy looking European bouncer there but all he really does is collect the cover charge of 200 Koruna, which is less than 10 bucks. The cool thing is that the cover charge includes a free drink.

After passing the bouncer you come to the main room. There is a bar on one side, a stage on the other side, and a bunch of couches around the rest of the room. The place has soft lighting and candles to set the mood.

There is normally a bartender and a few chicks there. They can all speak English. They’re usually a mix of Czech chicks and other Europeans. The bartender is sort of a mamasan too. She explains how things work and calls girls over.

The chicks are pretty average looking. They wear bikinis or lingerie. One will usually get up on stage and dance a little while the others hang out. You can call a chick over to have a chat with you. You can also buy her a drink but there’s no pressure for that. Really, there’s no pressure at all. It’s a really chill place.

If you want to screw one of the chicks, you just have to tell them or the bartender. Of course you probably shouldn’t say “I want to screw you,” but I guess that’s up to you. Anyway, it costs 2000 Koruna, or about $85 US, to take a chick to one of the rooms upstairs for a half hour. The rooms are nicer than a lot of hotel rooms in the area so there are no problems there. For 5000 Koruna, you can get a threesome and a bottle of champagne. Here’s the AAA website.

K5 Club

K5 Club is the other main strip club in Prague. I don’t know why all the strip clubs like to use letters for names, but it doesn’t really matter. K5 is right in the middle of the city, about a one minute walk from the famous Saint Ludmila church.

K5 also has a grumpy looking European bouncer. He pats you down then guides you in to an elevator that you take up to the second floor. There you come to a desk with some European guys and ladies. One of them will give you the guided tour if you ask for it.

In one room there is a strip club. That’s the main attraction. It has a bar, some couches, and a little stage. The chicks don’t dance all that much though. I think they’re more interested in having sex for money, though they will sit with people and drink.

Other parts of K5 have a sauna, some relaxation rooms, and some private rooms that are basically for sex. The private rooms have corny themes that I don’t think anyone cares about, but maybe I’m wrong. I’ve never run a brothel in Eastern Europe, so what do I know?

You can pay a 500 Koruna cover charge if you want to hang out in the strip club. That gives you access to the room for the night and a free drink. For just over 21 dollars American, this isn’t too bad. The other option is to skip the cover and just pick one of the chicks to take to a room.

For the second option, the manager will introduce each one of the chicks and give their age. There are some Czech chicks at K5 along with more exotic birds from South America and other parts of Europe. It costs 2400 Koruna to take a chick straight to a room for thirty minutes. That’s about 100 bucks, and it includes a shower and sex. The chicks are all in their twenties. They seem to like their work and they can all speak English. They’re mostly average looking though.

Everyone is friendly at K5 but there does seem to be a preference for locals. That’s pretty normal I guess. At least it’s not like Japan where a lot of place are locals only! Here is the K5 website.

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