Is Germany better than Thailand for sex?

Is Germany better than Thailand for sex? Some people would probably scoff at the mere suggestion. Thailand is a world renown holiday destination with entire cities like Pattaya known for being full of prostitutes. Germany is a cold old European country that few people talk much about. Especially when it comes to women. But things just aren’t that black and white.

Prostitution is completely legal and widespread in Germany. It is even more widespread in Thailand. But people argue about whether or not it is actually legal there. Germany has about twelve million more people than Thailand. But the streets somehow look emptier. Thai people are known as being a friendly bunch. The Germans not so much. But there are anti-Western sentiments among some Thais that you don’t see in Germany. We can go on with the comparisons.

Actually, that is exactly what I plan to do. I’ve already compared Pattaya and Angeles City. Today I will explore the two countries from the point of view of a horny guy. I have spent a decent amount of time in both Germany and Thailand. And I have had a lot of sex. So I can make an educated judgement. Let’s find out if Germany is better than Thailand when it comes to sex.

Dating and sex in Thailand and Germany

When it comes to meeting regular women, Thailand is much easier than Germany. Even though most Germans speak English and most Thais do not, it is still a lot less difficult to pick up women in Thailand. Especially in Bangkok but also in other parts of the country too. Dating Thai women is easy. Unless you look like the elephant man, you can find a Thai girlfriend easily. But even if you are a decent looking guy in Germany, you may have to put in a good amount of work just to get a date.

dating in germany

It might be slightly easier to get a German woman to agree to have sex on the first date. Or to be friends with benefits instead of boyfriend and girlfriend. But it is honestly not that hard in Thailand either. Especially in Bangkok. But again, also in other parts of the country. The hardest place to get a regular girlfriend or hookup in Thailand is actually Pattaya. Money rules the world down there. Anywhere else, you can find women just a little work if you’re even a halfway decent guy.

Prostitution in Germany vs Thailand

Prostitutes can be found all over Thailand. They even have little bar brothels with holiday lights on roads out in the mountain backgrounds. But don’t discount Germany either. There are prostitutes all over the country. And that also includes a lot of chicks from other parts of Europe who go to Germany to work.

In Thailand there are a lot of options for prostitutes. Besides the street walkers and freelancers, there are:

In Germany there is also a huge variety of prostitution. It’s all legal and regulated too, with the exception of the street walkers who do their own thing I guess. Germany can give Thailand a real run for its money with its sex saunas, walk up brothels, gangbang sex party clubs, and even online escorts.

Price of sex in Germany and Thailand

So it’s not like you’d be starved for choice in either place. Whether you’re in the north woods of Thailand or a small village in Bavaria, there are going to be some prostitutes around. So what else is there to look at except for price? There are cheap freelancers in both countries. And of course there are also high end escorts who want top dollar. So let’s compare apples with apples.

Short time in the Soi 6 bars is 1300 Baht, plus whatever drinks you have. That’s about $41 in American money. Short time at a walk up brothel in Germany is available for as little as 25 Euros. That gets you a quick wham-bam and go for about $28 US dollars.

Thailand go go bar

You can go into a Thai go go bar for free, except for your $5 drinks. If you see a chick you like, you can ask her to go with you. If you’re on Walking Street in Pattaya, you’ll pay a bar fine of at least 1000 Baht. After you’re done, you’ll give the chick a minimum 2000 Baht more. That’s about $95 US, not counting your drinks, her lady drinks, the price of your motorbike and the price of a short time room or your hotel.

You usually pay 50 Euros to get into a German sex sauna. When you’re inside you can see all the naked girls walking around. Your drinks are free, and so are theirs. If you want to have sex with one of the women, you ask her. The price is normally 50 Euros. There is no tipping or room fee. They have rooms in the sauna. So you pay about $112 US dollars all together.

So is Germany better than Thailand for sex?

Obviously there is value if you stay in the sauna and play around with more of the women. In a Thai go go, you’ll pay a bar fine for each chick. But in the saunas of Germany, you just pay the one entry fee. After that the only money you spend is whatever you give to the women.

On the other hand, you can find long time in Thailand pretty easily. It is possible to get a prostitute to stay overnight in Germany. But you’ll pay a real premium. So Thailand has more value in that regard. And it’s arguably a friendlier environment. Though what is friendlier than a room full of nude women?

German FKK sauna club

Ultimately it all comes down to personal taste. One guy might rather bang English-speaking Eastern European chicks for 56 bucks a go in between enjoying the free buffet. Another might prefer hanging out on Soi 6 with fun loving Thai chicks. Or getting a silicone injected body-to-body scrub in a soapy massage.

I can’t make a judgement for every guy on earth. Nor would I want to. But I do want to make the point that there is a whole lot of hooking in Germany. And the prices can be very competitive. In some regards, Thailand is even more expensive than Germany. That is not what a lot of people would expect. But it is the truth.

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