Smooci expands to Berlin

The headline says it all. In October the innovative online escort booking platform Smooci expands to Berlin. I just found about this news which confirms my earlier prediction that Smooci would continue to expand all over the world. Smooci is such a unique and popular service that it wasn’t much of a leap for me to guess that it would continue to grow, but even I didn’t know how fast it would expand.

Smooci continues to grow at a blazing speed. It started in Bangkok in 2017. Since then it’s grown to cover cities all over Asia and now it’s adding Berlin and other cities in Europe to its coverage area too. After Berlin, the escort booking system plans to open in Amsterdam, London and Paris. That’s what you call global growth!

What is Smooci?

If you are up on the scene you probably already know about Smooci, or you’re at least aware of the platform’s existence. You might not know everything there is to know about the service though, especially since they keep adding new cities and features all the time. I wrote a review of Smooci a few months ago that explains everything you need to know in full detail.

The “too long; didn’t read” version is that Smooci is basically “the Uber of escorting.” Uber no longer operates in Southeast Asia though, so I guess it’s more like “the Grab of escorting.” Basically dudes can go to the Smooci website to find an escort. The escorts are listed by city and availability, and it’s all live.

For example, hitting a few buttons on the site can show you all the escorts available for one hour outcall sessions in Bangkok at 5:00 PM today. Each escort has a listing with photographs and statistics. There are also authentic user reviews and verified photos which sets Smooci apart from all the other escorting sites I have seen.

Smooci is expanding to Europe

Smooci has been the main escort booking platform in Bangkok pretty much since it got off the ground. There are tons of ladies listed on the Bangkok section. Smooci is also a major player in all the other cities it expanded to. Lots of escorts are listed on Smooci in Hong Kong, Manila, and Singapore. I’m sure it will be the same in Berlin when Smooci starts there this month.

Berlin escorts

Berlin is a big city with lots of working women but it’s really decentralized. The first time I went there I was sort of lost for a day or two. Once I got my bearings I realized how much there was on offer, even though it was all really spread out.

Other parts of Europe like Holland are pretty similar even though they are famous for legalized prostitution. I am sure Smooci has this in mind and it’s probably one of the reasons they are moving into the European market. In any case, they won’t have any problem finding escorts to use their booking platform. There are tons of escorts in Europe and things are moving online more and more. It’s the perfect storm.

New locations, same popular features

Smooci is taking its well known service to Europe and bringing along all of the features that made the platform popular. That includes the new features that came along with the expansion to Hong Kong earlier in the year. Some features of the Smooci platform include:

  • Real time search results that show exactly which escorts are available at a given time
  • An online alert system that tells guys when escorts they save are online.
  • Distance calculation on each profile showing how far an escort is from a potential customer
  • Location tracking that shows guys how much longer they can expect to wait for escorts they book

There’s no doubt that a lot of prostitutes still go the old school traditional route to find customers on the streets, especially in Asia. But it’s also true that they are increasingly turning to the internet to find their Johns. Some chicks work their way through dating sites and apps to try to fish out some customers but others go to Smooci which was designed exactly for putting escorts and clients in touch with each other.

Smooci is really different and that’s why it is catching on so fast. In a couple of years it went from one city in Asia to a handful of cities spread all around the world, and there’s more to come in the near future. I have no doubt that Smooci will continue to grow and expand to new places as time goes on.

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