The 3 best sex saunas in Germany

It’s kind of hard to nail down the 3 best sex saunas in Germany. With legal prostitution across the country and a large pool of eager European talent, there is no shortage of choice. But not everyone has the luxury of going all over Germany and sampling all the sex. So it’s nice to have a short and sweet summary.

The first time I ever went to Bangkok I was armed with a list of three of the best sex shops there. I am glad I had it. It really helped me narrow things down and focus my limited time. As it turned out, I never went back to any of those places. I ended up finding places more suited to my tastes on future visits. But I still relied on the experience I gained on my first trip.

Sharks sex sauna in Germany

I have already explained what the sex saunas in Germany are like elsewhere. And they all more or less are the same. At least in the way they function. You pay an entry fee then hang out eating free food and looking at all the available chicks. When you get horny you can ask whoever you like for a blowjob or sex. They usually agree and ask for about 50 Euros. So it’s a good deal no matter what. But the best sex saunas or “FKKs” are even better, with each having its own stand out features.

The best sex saunas in Germany

What makes one sex sauna better than others? It could be any number of things. First and foremost are the women. That’s got to be the key feature of any sex sauna. Otherwise you’re dropping fifty or sixty bucks just to hang out in an empty room with a buffet and a swimming pool. But other stuff like the prices or the way the staff acts matter too.

Here’s my list of the the top three FKK sex clubs in Germany, with explanations to follow:

  1. Sharks (Darmstadt)
  2. Oase (Frankfurt)
  3. Artemis (Berlin)

Sharks in Darmstadt has the hottest lineup of any FKK I’ve ever seen. It even rivals the lineups of the best Macau sex saunas at their prime, but with much lower prices. Sharks attracts hot chicks for whatever reason. Most of the chicks know they are hot too. So some of them act a little high highfalutin. But at the end of the day they’re selling pussy in a bordello. It’s not like they’re elite models in the cafes of Paris who break your heart. Some of them will ask for more than others in different FKK clubs. But it’s never outrageous. And it’s almost always worth it. You can do a gorgeous European woman with a near perfect body at Sharks for the price you might pay a chubby middle aged mom for a handjob in Chiang Mai.

Oase in Frankfurt is another great FKK. Some people claim otherwise, but it’s always a good time. This place has the most party atmosphere of any sauna I have been too. The chicks actually get up and use the stripper poles a lot. And you can tell they’re having a good time. It’s mostly Romanian chicks but that’s fine with me. The vibe is upbeat and happy, which is a nice change of pace. Mainhattan is a lot quieter. So if you are looking for relaxing that is the better place to go. They don’t have as many women. And the chicks can be a little more plain. But I’ve seen a couple of absolute knockouts there.

Finally there is Artemis. This place is legendary. It’s also the only major sex sauna in Berlin. I have to put it on this list for a few reasons. One is that it’s so big and well known. You can’t ignore such a major player. Another reason is that the place gets tons of chicks. I’ve only seen a few stunners there, but there are plenty of hot women with great tits and asses. And they’re all walking around naked. The place is reasonably priced and convenient. It is the first sauna I ever went to. And also the place I had one of the best sexual experiences of my life. So despite it’s faults, I have to put it here.

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