Walk up brothels in Germany

All the way back in 2014 I wrote a post about walk up brothels in Hong Kong. Today I am going to tell you about the walk up brothels in Germany. They’re both pretty similar as apartments with prostitutes inside. But there are some differences between them too.

Prostitution is legal in Germany. It’s also regulated to an extent. Basically though people can sell sex and even run brothels. It’s more complicated than that and buried in legal speak but that more or less breaks it down. Of course you shouldn’t take legal advice from me especially since I’m not giving you any. I’m just a dude with a website filling you in on what goes on around the world.

German Hookers

In Hong Kong the walk up brothels were formed in response to rules that allow women to sell sex but forbid organized prostitution. So women there just sell sex one by one out of rooms on their own. In Germany sex workers can even sign contracts with their employers so the walk up brothels don’t have the same origins. I think they just came from chicks wanting to sell sex and figuring the easiest and most private way to do it was out of their rooms. That’s my guess anyway. Again, I’m just a dude with a website.

In a lot of German cities there are apartment buildings that have basically been taken over by prostitutes. They set up in the various rooms and turn them into their own little working spaces. Dudes go door to door in these buildings and look around.

The chicks who work in the walk up brothels come in all shapes and sizes. Older worn out women are pretty common but there are a surprising number of hot Eastern European twenty-somethings doing this gig too. Walking through one of the buildings in Frankfurt you see all kinds of different women.

They charge different prices. Sometimes action is as little as 15 Euros. Other times it is as much as fifty. It all depends. Usually more activities cost more money but that’s not always the case. Normally, a go around involves a short blowjob and sex in a few positions. Things aren’t always normal though.

Guys really have to negotiate everything before they agree on a price. If they don’t they sometimes get nothing more than a quick bang in a single position with a chick who doesn’t even take all of her clothes off. It’s like the red light districts in Amsterdam without the tourist appeal.

In the German sex saunas you don’t see a ton of German women. Most of the chicks are from other countries. There are a lot of non Germans in the walk up brothels too but there are also some German chicks. At least there seem to be a lot more German women working the brothels than the saunas. That’s not to say that the Germans are automatically better.

One thing a lot of the apartment buildings housing these brothels have in common is a serious lack of climate control and elevators. You have to walk up and down a lot of steps in heat and cold depending on the season. You might be in Western Europe but you’re not strolling through The Beaumont.

Some well known walk up brothels are located in the ero centers in Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel red light district, the ero centers in the Steintor section of Hannover, the red light district around Leonhardstrasse in Stuttgart, and the St Pauli section of Hamburg. Surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be any walk up brothel hot spot in Berlin.

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