Freelance prostitutes in Hong Kong

Prostitution is legal in Hong Kong. That’s why there are so many walk up brothels around. There are also some go go bars but they aren’t as common.

Technically the walk up brothel chicks are freelancers as they work for themselves. Pimping and pandering is illegal in Hong Kong. There are still some agents and mamasans around. I don’t know how they cope with the laws. It’s not really my problem.

A lot of white guys end up going to Wan Chai when they want to score some pay for play action. It’s one of the most expensive places in Hong Kong, but they still go there. Maybe they think walking up a flight of stairs and knocking on a door to get sex is too tough or something.

Freelancers in Wan Chai

A good thing about Wan Chai is that there lots of freelancers around. Some, including some African hookers, hang out in the streets and ask for 500 Hong Kong Dollars. That’s more than 60 American! Over on Nathan Road in Tsim Tsa Shui, African street walkers only ask 300.

Others in Wan Chai who are mainly from the Philippines and Indonesia go into bars like Neptune, Hong Kong Cafe, and Escape to find customers. They look like regular chicks inside just to drink and jam to the Filipino cover bands, but they are really looking to make business deals. They want 1000 HKD or more to go with a guy, which is a lot. Some ask for outrageous amounts like 3000 HKD. You could buy a round trip ticket to Angeles City and bang a couple chicks for that much money.

hong kong freelance prostitute

Sunday nights are the biggest for Wan Chai. That’s because it’s the day off for domestic helpers from the Philippines and Indonesia. A lot of them spend their day off trolling for dick in Wan Chai and hoping that whatever hog they end up riding is attached to a wallet.

Prostitutes in Hong Kong

There used to be a lot of freelancers on the Hong Kong Craigslist W4M section. Unfortunately, Craigslist got rid of their personals so that is now dead. The freelancers and prostitutes in general were easy to find since they put their phone number or Whatsapp info right on their pictures. Regular chicks didn’t do that.

Most of the chicks on Craigslist were Filipinas or Indonesians. There are also some Latinas, Thais and Russians. Actually Hong Kong chicks and even Chinese mainlanders were rare there. Some independent chicks like Cantik had appeared on that site and Backpage for years. That is now over.

More places with Hong Kong hookers

There are also some freelancers on Tinder, but thankfully they haven’t taken over yet like they have in some other cities. Tinder is best kept for regular chicks so you can hook up for free when you want to. I haven’t seen many freelancers on the other dating sites. Maybe they don’t need to use them. In some places the freelancers dominate the dating sites, which are nonetheless great for meeting regular local chicks.

Using Wechat to search for people in the area usually turns up at least a few working women, but there’s no way to know if they are really freelancers. I would guess that most of them are. I would also guess that it doesn’t matter to most of their customers one way or another.

Temple Street always has some street walkers around the night market. They are all Chinese and they work out of rooms in the area. They want between 200 and 300 Hong Kong Dollars to bang, but a lot of them won’t deal with anyone who can’t speak Mandarin. There are also old mamasans around Temple Street who take guys upstairs to apartments with several Chinese chicks inside who work on the cheap, but they are obviously not freelancers.

Finally, there are always some truly independent women hanging out in the sky bar at the top of LKF Hotel. They are super hot but they are looking for guys with money to burn. They won’t go to your room on the cheap.

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