Honey Girls in Hong Kong

Honey Girls in Hong Kong are some of the best looking prostitutes you can find anywhere in my opinion. I always find it strange that no one really seems to talk about them in English. Meanwhile, there’s a whole lot of information about them online in Asian languages. Especially Chinese.

In the past I wrote about walk up brothels and freelance prostitutes in Hong Kong. I’ve covered some of the other stuff like the bars too. But I haven’t written about Hong Kong’s “honey girls” yet. They’re basically just very attractive Asian prostitutes between the ages of 18 and maybe 26 years old. They either live in Hong Kong or travel there to enjoy the freedom of legalized prostitution which enables them to make money on their looks.

Honey Girls in Hong Kong

Even though I’ve seen Russians, Thais, and others, the truth is that nearly all Honey Girls are from mainland China. They are usually all pretty good looking too. Some of them are as hot as any Japanese porn star you might have sex with. You don’t see any fat chicks being pushed off as “honey girls” in Hong Kong. A lot of the local guys there are discerning in terms of looks and body. If they’re paying for Honey Girls, they aren’t going to accept fat chicks or hardcore hookers who are covered in ugly tattoos. They’re looking for hot chicks with great bodies.

Hot honey girl in Hong Kong

I think some of them live in Hong Kong full time. Maybe they study or work regular jobs. Most of them follow the same route of the Vietnamese prostitutes in the Beach Club though. That means they enter Hong Kong for 7 days and spend the time working and making money. Then they hop back across the border into China and wait a while before coming back. That means there are always new honey girls showing up.

Almost all of the honey girls in Hong Kong can speak Mandarin, as that’s the national language in the mainland. A lot of them can also speak Cantonese, which is common in southern China and Hong Kong. Some can also speak English. But most of them can’t really converse in it. They mostly work with Chinese guys, so they don’t need English to prostitute. But they normally don’t mind non-Chinese customers.

Where to find Honey Girls in Hong Kong

As with many things today, the Honey Girl action is mainly found online. Well, the women work in rooms where they meet customers of course. What I mean is that most of the customers find the Honey Girls online first, before they meet with them. They make an appointment over the phone then get together.

There are lots of websites based around prostitution in Hong Kong. A big one is Go 141. When you go the Hong Kong page there, you see a box that says “Honey Girls.” When you click it, you’ll see profiles for over a hundred honey girls. Sometimes there are two hundred or more.

honey girls 141 hong kong

Each profile has pictures, some statistics, a general location, a phone number and a Whatsapp contact. The pictures are always edited. But some of them are pretty accurate. The main way to confirm the looks of a Honey Girl is to watch her video. A lot of profiles have videos of the chicks. They’re realistic, because it’s tough to edit looks a lot on video.

Even though most Honey Girls struggle with English they are still able to meet foreigners. That’s due to the rise of phone apps like Google translate. And the fact that a lot of them work with agents who can at least understand some English also helps.

Having sex with Honey Girls

Booking an appointment with a Honey Girl is pretty simple. It usually goes like this. A guy sends a text or WeChat message to a phone number on a profile. Since the numbers often belong to agents, they have to be specific without being overly long. So they normally say something like “Molly TST at 6:00?” This would tell the agent they want to book a chick named Molly in Tsim Sha Tsui for an appointment at six. The agents will then usually respond with a hotel name and address. That’s about it.

The price for sex with honey girls is always higher than the price at walk up brothels. But they’re rarely outrageous. Some honey girls charge 600 or 700 Hong Kong Dollars. That’s between 77 and 90 dollars in American money. So it’s not more expensive than having sex with a dancer from a go go bar in Thailand.

The most common price range for Honey Girls is between 1100 and 1200 Hong Kong Dollars. At between 140 and 150 US dollars or so, that’s not cheap. It’s not all that expensive either though. Especially when you consider that Hong Kong is a developed city that in some respects is one of the most expensive places in the world. Also remember that even 150 bucks is less than 5000 Thai Baht right now. And countless guys drop more than that for sex with Thai prostitutes all the time.

Overall, Honey Girls allow guys one of their best shots at having sex with a beautiful women between the ages of eighteen and maybe twenty five. It’s all set up and easy for customers to find chicks they’re into. They can even leave reviews and compare notes on popular websites. So it’s easy to see why it’s so popular among Asian guys, even if it’s not so simple to figure out why it doesn’t get much attention from guys coming from other parts of the world.

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