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Hong Kong is one of the most well known cities in the world. And it has been for a long time. I don’t think Hong Kong prostitutes have much to do with that. But maybe they should. Hong Kong is struggling over the question of democracy, but at least they’ve kept prostitution legal.

As far as I can tell, Legal prostitution in Hong Kong hasn’t caused any huge boom in business. There are just as many women selling pussy in nearby countries where hooking is officially outlawed. If history teaches us anything, it’s that the world’s oldest profession is resilient.

In Hong Kong, the walk up brothels are probably the most common place to find prostitutes. While prostitution is allowed in Hong Kong, pimping is not. So single women work out of apartments throughout the city. Organized places like sex saunas aren’t nearly as common.

Where to find Hong Kong prostitutes online

Hong Kong is one of the most technologically advanced places in the world. Yet there are some things that seem out of date. It kind of reminds me of Japan in that aspect. Over there it’s all bright lights and robots, yet you can struggle to find a wifi connection. And even a few years ago tons of people were still walking around Tokyo with old school flip phones!

Hong Kong hooker selfie

Hong Kong has had websites for sex workers to advertise going back years and years. I guess it all started with 141. That ran into trouble a couple of times and I think it even got shut down. There are now several 141 sites. But Go 141 seems to be the biggest and best of all the websites today. Yet even Go 141 looks like something out of the late 1990’s. It is fully functional, but the design is definitely outdated. Luckily, that has no effect on finding prostitutes in Hong Kong!

A couple of months ago I told you about Honey Girls in Hong Kong. As I wrote, you can find them on Go 141. But you can also find “regular” prostitutes on the same site. They’re more plentiful and they charge less money too. It’s nothing to find a Chinese chick who does handjobs for 200 Hong Kong Dollars. Or one who has sex for $380 HKD. That’s 25 dollars American for a handie or 48 bucks for a suck and fuck. Not bad in such a prominent place!

How to find prostitutes on Go 141

Go 141 is pretty straight forward. Of course a lot of it is in Chinese. But there’s also plenty of English. And they even go out of their way to make things easy for foreigners. When you go to the site, you have to choose a location. After you select Hong Kong, you’ll be at the disclaimer page. To get to the English version of the site you just click one of the two green “Yes” buttons in English. The left one is for the web version of the site. Use that if you’re on a desktop or laptop. The right button is for the mobile version of the site. Select that if you’re on a phone.

Once you get to the main page you’ll see all kinds of pictures and flashing buttons and banners. It can be a lot to look at. Assuming you’re not Chinese, you will quickly want to narrow things down. You can do that by clicking the button in the middle of the page that says “serve for foreigners.” That will show you all the ladies on the site who will service guys who aren’t Chinese.

Go 141 how to

From there you can narrow things down further. You just use the buttons and menus to focus on what you’re looking for. If you want to find walk ups, you just click the “walk ups” button. You can also sort by location. Each profile will have a price on it. That’s the lowest rate they charge. You can also see if they have pictures or videos of what they look like. Many do. You’ll also see a lot of profiles with user reviews, but they’ll probably be in Chinese.

When you find someone you want to visit, just get their information. Some require you to call ahead for an appointment. Others list their addresses and hours so you can go straight there. There should be a full menu with prices too. They break things down very well, so there aren’t many surprises. One thing to watch out for is massage places using fake pics though. And of course even independents will photoshop some of their pictures. So look for unedited pics on the profiles, and put your critical thinking skills to work.

There’s a bit of “code” used on Go 141. “Whole package” means a blowjob and sex. “DUP” means massage. “Veggie Massage” is a hand job. “Breast Jerk” is a titty fuck. “Ice fire” is a blowjob alternating with hot and cold water in the mouth. Most of it is self-explanatory.

And that’s really all there is to say. It’s all that plain and simple. It makes you wonder why other parts of the world don’t just legalize prostitution so that similar open industries can flourish. Instead, a lot of sex work is underground in most of the world. And that leads to all kinds of problems.

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