Smooci expands to Hong Kong

I just found out that Smooci is expanding to Hong Kong! This upcoming Friday they’re going to start operating in Hong Kong as they’ve been doing in other cities. That adds another options to the many already available there in Hong Kong, a place of New York proportions. Smooci is really growing at a blazing speed too. We’re talking about a site that just got going in Bangkok in 2017. Now they’re in all kinds of cities all over Asia.

I’ve already posted a review of Smooci. Anyone who read that knows the deal with the site. Plus I’m sure a lot of people were already up on Smooci. It’s a big operation and people have been talking about it all over Thailand, not the mention the internet, for a while.

What is Smooci?

If you didn’t know for some reason, Smooci is basically “the Uber of escorting.” Dudes go to the Smooci website, pick their city, pick their time, then pick out one of the available ladies and book them. After that they can track their status as they wait for the big moment. Each escort profile has all the information you would expect to see plus several photos. They have verified photos too which is not something you can find everywhere or even most places.

Smooci is expanding, again

As I wrote before, Smooci is the dominant player in Bangkok. Now it’s up and running in Manila and Singapore too. Hong Kong is coming this weekend. Those are all big cities with lots and lots of chicks, but none of those cities have seen anything like Smooci that I know of. It’s a totally new type of thing that really shows where the merger of technology and daily life can go. How far is going to go in Hong Kong? My crystal ball is in the shop, but I have been on point before. I think Smooci is going to get bigger and bigger.

Hong Kong Smooci

Of course, a site like Smooci only works if people use it. Lots of people use it in Thailand. I think lots will use it in Hong Kong too. They’re working with both indy chicks and agencies so there should be a lot of ladies on the site. From what I’ve heard there are already tons of females ready to roll on the new site roll out. They’ll probably be some ladyboys too judging by the lively ladyboy section on their Bangkok website.

New location, new features

Smooci isn’t just moving into Hong Kong. They’re adding a lot of new features to their already feature heavy site. Some of the new stuff I’ve read about so far includes:

  • An online alert system that tells guys when their saved escorts are online.
  • A Twitter account that tweets when escorts get sky high ratings.
  • An incall facility in Hong Kong.

The last item on that list is probably the biggest of them all. I’m waiting to see how it’s going to play out. There are tons of places in Hong Kong already but nothing really like this that I know of, unless you count the walk ups listed on sites like 144. I don’t think Smooci will run anything like that. I’m excited to see what kind of incall setup they put together. What about you?

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