I fucked a fat chick in Jakarta

I fucked a fat Indonesian chick in Jakarta. I did her bareback. I fucked her in multiple positions for about 20 minutes. Then I pulled out my slippery wet cock and shot several strings of thick cock snot all over her face.

The load was huge. It messed up her makeup and got caught in her fake eye lashes. Some even got on her hijab. She loved every minute of it and asked me for more. I am not ashamed.

To be honest I usually aim for women with great or at least good bodies. I am a big fan of perky tits and firm round asses. So a chick like Tittiporn is right up my alley. At least before she got pregnant and trashed her body.

More cushion for the pushing

This is one of the reasons I spend so much time in Asia. It’s also why I know which Asians have the best bodies. But variety is the spice of life. So I do switch things up from time to time. Sometimes that means doing a rail thin chick. Other times it means screwing an Asian mom.

fat brown chick

So I have done my fair share of thicc Asian chicks before. Plus plenty of normal sized chicks that just happened to have a little extra meat here or there. But I am not even going to lie. This chick was actually fat. Plain and simple. How fat was she? I didn’t break out a scale or anything. But let’s just say she wouldn’t be out of place at XL Asians.

I don’t have a fat fetish. In fact fat people normally turn me off. Back in America I wouldn’t fuck a fat chick with someone else’s dick. But this chick was new to me. She was unique and really forward about fucking me. So I eventually gave in and let her ride on my pony. Looking back it was definitely worth the minimal effort. Because her hole felt pretty damn good and there’s something cool about a chick saying “thank you” after you jizz all over her face.

How I met this heffer

Believe it or not but I met this big babe on Date In Asia. It’s a free dating site with an old school interface. I don’t use it as much as I used to. The dude who runs it is a little extreme in what he allows and doesn’t allow. I’ve also heard that he might be peeping in on the messages. But the site still works in some places. So I use it.

I set up my location as Jakarta because I had plans to stay there for two weeks. I started messaging lots of hot chicks in the 19 to 23 age range. That usually works for me in Jakarta. Plus I only have so much free time in between visiting all the sex clubs the city has to offer.

Anyway this fat chick messaged me. Her picture only showed her face. And she was wearing a hijab. These are both bad signs. So I ignored her. But she kept messaging. Finally she wrote “I would do anything to meet you.” Challenge accepted.

I wrote back saying only “what’s your wechat?” She wrote back with the info and I contacted her there. Before talking about much of anything I asked for a couple of full body pictures. She sent some with dresses on. She was a big woman. But she was at least anatomically correct.

Next I said “are you sure you would do anything to meet me?” She said “yes.” It was on! Over the next few days I switched between ignoring her messages for long periods and telling her the things I would want her to do in order to meet me. That was suck my cock as long as I want while I watch porn, lick my ass, let me fuck in any position I want without a condom, and let me cum on her face. She agreed readily to all. How could I say no?

From on the fence to on her ass

I kept this up for a day or two then basically ignored the chick. When I landed in Jakarta I went to my hotel then quickly moved on to a sex club where I creampied a sexy hooker. I didn’t give much though to the obese women with so many options around. Like I said she was fat. But she remembered my travel dates and messaged me.

I didn’t answer until I woke up the next morning. I told her I just woke up and wanted to blow a load. I said if she could get to my hotel by noon I would let her fuck me. Yes I actually wrote it that way. Is this cruel? I don’t think so. I spelled everything out open and honestly. She knew what she was getting into it. As a consenting 21 year old she agreed to it all wholeheartedly. So cry your tears elsewhere. She said she was coming over and asked if she should wear her hijab. I said come on over and wear it!

The chick showed up about five minutes after noon. I could have been pissed off but Jakarta traffic is a bitch and she was coming from far away. She also said sorry many times. So no problem. I went down to get her in the lobby. Luckily there weren’t many people around. Up to the room we go. She was still shaped like a human. Just a really big human. She had a pretty face but she was sweating like crazy. Fat chick in tropical heat and humidity. Whoa.

Up to the room and she wants to freshen up. I say okay. She goes in the bathroom. I take off all my clothes and lay on the bed butt naked with my dick out. She comes out of the bathroom with now perfect makeup and looks at me like she just found a free buffet. She comes straight over and starts licking and sucking my rod. “You are my first foreigners!” Okay hun. Get back to work and don’t neglect my ass crack.

She gave decent head. It was better because I was watching hotter Indo chicks fuck at ASD on my phone. She sucked and licked for a while then I put down the phone and said “now I am going to fuck you.” She stripped down to reveal lots of rolls and a dark brown ass. Her tits weren’t even that big. But she climbed on and her hole was super wet. Shaved too. I fucked her in a whole bunch of positions. When you simply don’t care it’s actually easier to go all out. I guess that’s what fuckpigs are all about. This was more of a down home homely chick who just wanted sex though. So I was respectful as I fucked her from every angle.

“Now I am going to cum!” I pulled out and she laid back. I climbed on top of her mounds of flesh and blasted off. Tons of sperm shot out of me. I have to admit that I was turned on by how committed this woman was to the cause. I painted her face real well. Then, like I said earlier, she actually looked right at me and said “Thank you!” Next she was off to the bathroom to clean herself up. She came out with perfect makeup again. LOL! She was a quick cosmetic master I guess. Actually she worked in a beauty salon so it made sense. She said she had to go. Out the door she went. I showered and headed out to look for more women.

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