Review of King Cross in Jakarta

King Cross is one of the big men’s clubs in Jakarta. It has several floors filled with various kinds of entertainment from men. That includes everything from a full body massage to sexy dancers and a fishbowl. Of course they also have the stuff that comes along with that, like drinks and music. So it’s something like a bar on steroids.

When I first started this website years ago I wrote about King Cross. In my list of the 5 best sex clubs in Jakarta, I said that King Cross was my favorite club in the city. I am not totally sure if that is still true. Some things have changed since then. And I’ve learned more too. But if King Cross isn’t my favorite, it is still in my top two.

Most foreign people overlook the massive amounts of nightlife in Jakarta. Everyone knows the naughty reputations of cities like Bangkok and Pattaya. But how often do you hear of a group of guys going to Jakarta for a stag party or whatever? I have never heard of it. And I spend most of the year in Asia!

King Cross in Jakarta

King Cross is in a pretty big building. It can be surprising to see if you’re not familiar with these kinds of operations. They’re very common in places like Jakarta. But they are totally absent from other parts of the world. One of the reasons I started this website was to help explain this to guys who looked stunned or lost when I tried to tell them about everything out there.

The big King Cross complex has a lot of options for fun. There’s a theater where you can get foot massages, a pool hall, a karaoke setup, a restaurant, and even a wine cellar. All of that stuff gets put to use too. But I don’t think that’s why most guys go to the club. As with most places, the women are the main draw.

How about the chicks?

There are ladies all over King Cross. And the male waiters are always happy to show new guests where they are. But they usually favor particular chicks. And they’re now starting to ask foreigners for tips too. Most customers are locals, and they already know the deal. Foreign guys get the local treatment too, but only if they look like they know what they’re doing.

If you walk straight in you’ll end up on the ground floor. There are a bunch of tables and chairs and waiters buzzing around. On both ends of the room there are seats with lots of chicks. They can drink with you or join you in one the hotel rooms upstairs. The price starts at 350,000 Rupiah, which is only about $25 US Dollars. But the higher tier chicks charge almost twice that.

The second floor has a pretty elaborate theater where you can get a foot massage. Or you can beckon one of the massage girls for a body rub and more. They aren’t usually as pretty as the chicks downstairs. But they can do a good rub down, and of course they offer more too. The whole thing can cost about 500,000 Rupiah.

The top floor has a lounge. It looks like the lounge area at Malioboro. So there are plenty of tables and chairs. Loud music plays as twenty or more dancers get busy on stage. They strip down as time goes on. And if you buy them some lady drinks, they are happy to get a lot closer and play with you. They will go to the rooms too, but they charge a lot more. The last time I checked, it was 1.6 million Rupiah. At about $100 American, that price isn’t crazy. But you can spend a lot on drinks if you want to.

Some people complain that King Cross is a lot quieter than it used to be. I don’t really have a problem with that if it means less guys, noise and cigarette smoke. But of course, chicks will not hang around a place if they cannot make money there. One sure thing to get noses out of phones is to start splashing around some cash. In Jakarta that doesn’t always cost an arm and a leg.

Here’s the King Cross website which lists the operating hours and address.

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