Adventures in compensated dating in Japan

I wrote about compensated dating in Japan last year. At the time I mentioned a high end dating network called Universe Club. Months later I finally got the opportunity (and funds) to try it out.

Using Universe Club isn’t cheap, but it’s a cool experience. It’s like having a wing man on steroids. Instead of a friend passing on some contact info, you get a whole team of people helping to set you up on dates with chicks that you probably wouldn’t ever meet otherwise. The best part is that the chicks know what guys are looking for, and most of them are DTF.

Joining Universe Club

Joining Universe Club was pretty painless. I just had to contact them to set up an appointment. Then I took a train to Ebisu in Tokyo and met with a Japanese lady who surprised me by speaking with a heavy New York accent. She took down my basic information, likes, and dislikes, and collected my 30,000 Yen membership fee, then I was back on my way.

I got my log in information and hit the Universe Club website the next day. It didn’t take me long to realize why guys with money use these kinds of services. Not even the best escort services in the world let you sort through thousands of women by everything from body type to interest. It’s easier to find a chick you like on the Universe Club website than it is to buy a pair of shoes on Amazon!

Compensated dating

As recommended, I made a list of a few chicks who looked and sounded great. I was able to check out their pictures and short videos of them moving around to get a real idea of what they looked and acted like. It was surreal.

I was only planning on being in Japan for a few weeks. Although a membership lasts a year, I wasn’t sure if I would be back in Japan again any time soon. So, I wanted to get in as many dates as possible while in town. I contacted the club by email with my list of ladies and asked them to set me up on some dates. It wasn’t long before my choice from the “standard class” accepted my invitation. All I had to do was pay a setting fee. Paying another fee struck me as odd at first, but considering all they do I understand it. Plus they have to get their piece. Once they set you up with the girl they don’t get involved any further. So you can meet her again as many times as you want without even asking the club.

Standard Class chicks

The standard class is the lowest of four classes that the club puts chicks into. The higher classes cost more money to date. There are some model level chicks in the upper classes but the standard class is filled with lots of hot chicks too. The one I dated had a great body with a nice round ass and big firm boobs. Score!

I have been to Tokyo a few times, but my Japanese sucks and I don’t know the city all that well. I can always find a place to eat, but I don’t know much about booking reservations at restaurants. The cool thing for me was that Universe Club took care of that for me. They just told me where to show up and when. Even I can do that.

Going on a paid date

The club booked me at a nice barbecue place in Ikebukuro. I showed up a little early. Around five minutes before the date time I took the elevator upstairs. As soon as I got there I received a text message. It was my date. She said she just saw me get into the elevator. I don’t know why she didn’t just come over to me, but I guess it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, she came into the restaurant and found me. She was wearing really regular clothes. She had on a pair of lose jeans and a lose shirt. If I hadn’t seen her pictures and videos on the website I would have no idea that she had a rocking body. She looked totally average, which is a little weird since most Japanese chicks her age dress to kill.

Thankfully, she spoke good English. The site said she was decent at English, but we had no problems talking at all. She was really funny and cheerful. At just 21 years old I guess that’s normal. It was enough to shake me out of my standard bitterness for a while and we had a great meal.

After we ate I asked her if she wanted to have coffee. She said yea and we went downstairs to a little cafe. I knew from the website that she was pretty willing to have sex with her dates, so I just asked straight out. “Do you want to go to a love hotel?” She said “sure,” and off we went. I guess we didn’t even need to stop for coffee. Ikebukuro has a lot of love hotels. Some of them are super nice. We went to Hotel Ailu.

Finishing up in bed

The room was great with a big bed, huge bathroom with shower and tub, and a huge television complete with Japanese porn. It didn’t take long for us to get comfortable. We ended up showering together before moving into the bed to get it on. Without getting too graphic I can say that it was pretty good. She didn’t knock my socks off but her body looked and felt even better than I imagined from her online profile.

She was in no hurry to leave. She actually fell asleep in my arms until we got a call from reception telling us that we risked overstaying in our room. I didn’t want to spend more money so we got dressed and I walked her back to the train.

She never even asked for money. She said she forgot when I brought it up, but I think she was just being a polite Japanese girl. I ended up giving her 30000 Yen, which is just over $250 American. I felt totally satisfied and decided then and there that I would try the club again.

I wouldn’t use this kind of club in Thailand or the Philippines where it is so easy to date and have sex with chicks, but Japan is a different animal. I have no qualms using the club there, just as I would in South Korea. Unfortunately there is no such club there that I know of, but I will keep looking. Inexpensive sites dating sites can work, but they require a lot of effort. Universe Club does all of the heavy lifting for you.

The chick I met kept contacting me and asking me to date again. I wanted to do her another time, but with so many fish in the sea I wanted to get my worm wet with someone else. I ended up setting up a date with another woman from the club, but I’ll have to tell you about that later.

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