The best of the best in compensated dating in Tokyo

I started down the long dark road of paying for dates months ago. I have only done it in Tokyo and, like this guy from the Simpsons, I regret nothing.

I like Southeast Asia a lot, but it can start to wear you down after a while. It’s great that you can hop on a plane from Bangkok to Tokyo for a couple hundred bucks. Of course once you get there it’s a different story. Taxis are expensive, rooms are expensive, and pussy isn’t nearly as easy to score as it is in the Philippines or Thailand. The myth of the Western god in Japan is exactly that.

Why would I pay to date in Tokyo?

I get my fair share of matches on Tinder in Tokyo but a lot them either don’t send messages or can’t speak English. The ones who can speak English are usually work slaves who tell me they might be able to meet on a Sunday two weeks from now. When I have had success, the women wanted to know if I was a tourist. Most of them want to meet guys living in Japan. I had a bit more success meeting chicks through online dating sites, but most of those chicks were looking for serious relationships in the end.

compensated dating in Tokyo

That’s why compensated dating is so good in Japan. Local guys use it for their own reasons. For the western visitor the benefits are obvious. These benefits weren’t available for years though since the various clubs, agencies and websites were all Japanese only. That changed when Universe Club came along. They welcome gaijin with open arms. They even have an English website and fluent English speakers working for them that make it all as easy as pie.

It’s not for cheap charlies

You get what you pay for. At Universe Club that means you can pick out a chick, look at pics and videos of her, get all of her details, find out how willing she is to bang, and then have the club set up a date for you. All you have to do is show up.

There are four different classes of chicks at Universe Club. I have no real idea how they decide who belongs in what class, but it definitely seems like there are more models and actresses in the higher classes. You might think it’s crazy that you can date a model or actress, but it’s true. They aren’t supermodels but they are very hot. There are so many women doing modeling in Japan from glamour right up to Japanese AV.

Going for Sushi

I had really good experiences dating (and banging) girls from the Standard, Gold, and Platinum classes in the past that I decided to pony up the cash and reach for the stars. Within a day, I had a date set with a Japanese 10 from the Black Class in an expensive sushi place on the top of some sky scraper.

Finding the place was actually a huge pain in the ass. The address was right but the building was huge. It had so many things inside that I had no clue where to go. The address didn’t mention anything about the floor. Finally, I found some security guard and showed him the address. He pointed me to an elevator and inside I made out the sign for the sushi place with my limited Japanese.

I like many things about Japan from the soaplands to the sex toys, but I am not a fan of sushi.

Supposedly, the really expensive stuff is a delicacy that puts the phony “California rolls” sold in the US to shame. That wasn’t my experience. I had to grin and bear five courses of raw fish and squid. One was more disgusting than the next. But guess what? I didn’t care.

A Black Class babe

The chick I picked from Universe Club was so hot I probably would’ve sucked down fish shit to sit next to her. She had a perfect body, perfect skin, and big perky knockers that were protruding through her shirt even though she was dressed head to toe in classy, expensive clothing from Prada. She was an absolute babe, stunning in every way.

Her English wasn’t that great. That’s normal in Japan, but talking with her was actually a struggle. The other chicks I dated from Universe Club before were at least able to hold a conversation. Again, I didn’t care. Call me a sucker but I was mesmerized. I sat there nodding along and sneaking peaks at her big boobs while watching her order glass after glass of expensive wine.

Towards the end of the meal, I asked her where she would go next. She said that she had things to do in the morning, so she would just go home. She didn’t ask or offer to exchange contact information either. I took that as a no on the question of having sex after the date, even though I never actually came out and asked. Japanese people are pretty subtle and they don’t like to say no outright, so I was probably safe in my assumption. Needless to say, I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to eat her sushi, but what could I do?

I paid the bill which was so high that it suddenly made me wish I was back in Southeast Asia. Then I slipped her 11000 Yen, which is around $100 US dollars. That’s the compensated part of the dating. I just wish it came with her tail instead of the Tuna tail I had to eat. I didn’t even get a hug!

Luckily there are lots more fish in the sea. I just got an email that Universe Club added 447 new chicks in Tokyo. That’s one a day for over a year! I will definitely hit them up the next time I’m doing a run to Japan. So far I’m hitting 3 out of 4. That’s not bad at all.

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