Chinese massage parlors in Tokyo

Do you know about Chinese massage parlors in Tokyo? There are tons of the them in the city. They are just what the name would suggest: massage parlors run by Chinese people. Or more precisely Chinese women.

I feel like these CMP’s are a sort of open secret. They put lit up signs right in the streets yet people just walk right around them. My male Japanese friends mostly know what they are, but write them off. I on the other hand go inside to investigate. And I come out with a big smile on my face every time.

Since I did the hard work of finding out about the Chinese massage parlors in Tokyo it only seems right that I spread the knowledge. So here I will tell you what I know. Or you could just watch the Japanese AV called At A Chinese Massage Shop if you are more of a visual learner.

Chinese massage and Chinese “massage”

In America the Chinese massage parlors are widely thought of as jack shacks or happy ending places. Sometimes that is actually true. But a lot of Chinese massage parlors in the US are just massage parlors that happen to be run by Chinese people. Plus hand jobbing for cash is illegal in the land of the free. So even the places that do beat meat have to keep it discreet.

Chinese MILF in a skirt

There are also differences between Chinese massage parlors in Japan. First there are the traditional “Chinese style” massage places based on quack medicine and superstition. Then there are the Chinese massage parlors I am talking about here. These are fly by night shops where Chinese ladies do real basic massages plus a little more. How much more depends. I’ve seen everything from a basic hand job to a full suck and fuck.

Now this can be somehow illegal in some cases even though in general trading Yen for handies is allowed in Japan. I am not an expert in Japanese law. But I am an expert in blowing loads.

Traditional and fun places are pretty easy to tell apart. Basically the happy ending spots will be more temporary. And they usually located on an upper floor. Traditional or “real” massage places are more often at street level with glass windows that let you see in. They’re normally open during regular business hours too. The jack shacks have temporary signs with pictures of women that they put up on the sidewalk. And they’re open until midnight. Finally you usually have to ring a bell and look at a camera to get buzzed in to these happy ending places. There’s nothing suspicious about that.

The happy ending

Like way too many places in Japan these massage parlors have extensive menus. Prices can change from one place to another. But in general an hour long massage is about 1 Man Yen. That’s 10,000 Yen or $88 in American money. This might sound expensive but remember that there is no tipping culture in Japan. So the price is all inclusive. There are shorter, cheaper options too.

I usually take the 1 hour deal because it gives me a good opportunity to see what goes on and what is available. At this rate I usually get a middle aged Chinese chick in a short skirt and partially visible panties to give me a shower, rub my back a bit, then beat a load out of me. In a few cases I had more than that. Like little pecks on my pecker head, a short suck job or even a full fuck from a chick I repeated with. One time a lady let me stick the tip inside in the shower too. But I don’t think that’s a regular treatment.

Normally they just wash you, dry you, and bring you to a little cubicle. You lay on a thin wafer mat on the floor. They give you a really weak and lame massage. Then they break out some oil and jack your wang until your balls spew out the sticky stuff. Then they wipe you up, give you some tea, and take your money. All in all it’s a quick and easy way to get a load off.

I guess it’s not guaranteed. They might just massage some people. Or even look at some weirdos in the camera and refuse to even let them in. But I know how to operate. I dress for success and have a basic vocabulary in the local language. That and my wallet full of Yen has always been enough. I can’t speak for anyone else.

Now I have told you what I know about the Chinese massage parlors in Tokyo. But did you know that there are Thai massage parlors in Tokyo too? I’ll tell you about them some other time. For now you can rest easy is knowing that you have added more knowledge to your brain. Let it sink in and have a good time with it. Thanks for reading!

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