Tokyo is the easiest city to find sex in Japan

What is the easiest place to have sex in Japan? This is a question that millions of people ask. Is it because Japanese women are just so legendary? Or, more likely, due to the international impact of Japanese AV? I can’t tell you. But I can tell you that Tokyo is the easiest city to get laid in Japan. And maybe even in Asia.

I have been traveling the world for many years. I have spent most of my time on the road in Asia. A lot of that time was spent specifically in Japan. I have had sex with close to a thousand women at this point. And hundreds more have stroked or sucked me off. A good number of those women were Japanese. But I have also had extensive experience elsewhere.

ancient japanese prostitution

My friends back home used to ask about my sexual adventures. I started this website as a sort of public record so I wouldn’t have to relay my tales back one-by-one. In recent times I have spelled out the easiest cities to find sex in countries ranging from the Philippines to America.

But whether I am talking about the easiest sex spots in Cambodia or Thailand I always try to compare and contrast. I talk about different cities because no place is an island. Some dudes want to hear about dating or picking up regular women and other guys want to learn about hardcore hookers. Having done it all I can understand that.

I have only made one exception to that so far when I wrote that Ho Chi Minh City is the easiest city to get laid in Vietnam. I wrote that because it is the truth. The same goes for the land of the rising sun. Because Tokyo is by far the easiest city to find sex in Japan. Here’s why.

Prostitution in Tokyo

Prostitution is widespread and common all across Japan. It has been for hundreds of years. A relatively recent law prohibits women from taking money in exchange for vaginal intercourse. But they have lots of ways around that ranging from blowjob shops to anal fucking. Not to mention all the soaplands which are somehow exempt from the rules against dick-in-pussy services. Plus some escorts just fuck for money regardless. You know just like back in America where prostitution is illegal but still common.

When it comes to ease of getting sex there is very little that beats walking into a place like Tokyo Hentai Club, plopping down some money, and then going into a hotel with a Japanese escort. Except maybe the estute places where they fuck right in the shop.

There are all kinds of places based around prostitution or the basic exchange of cash for sex services in Tokyo. I have written about a lot of them, including:

Now maybe you think of prostitution as a dirty back alley act involving filthy pimps and criminal Johns. But in Japan it just isn’t like that. Huge corporations are even involved in some aspects of the industry. And it is pretty damn open and mainstream considering. I have advertisements for oppai pubs on the sides of buildings in major business districts. I have also seen guys lined up outside of pink salons waiting to get blown.

That doesn’t mean you have to participate. I don’t care what you do. And lots of Japanese people would seemingly prefer that we filthy foreigners stay away from “their” sex workers. But the simple fact remains that all the available prostitution in Tokyo makes it the easiest city in Japan and one of the easiest cities in the world to find sex. Of course that is not the only way to find it…

Casual sex in Tokyo

Casual sex is also common and pretty easy to find in Tokyo. Even for a foreigner who doesn’t speak the local language. Some Japanese guys have picking up chicks to an art. You see them outside of the major train stations asking chicks if they want to have some tea together. Next thing you know they’re doing them doggy style in a nearby love hotel. It reminds me of the mack daddies of yesteryear. And I try my best to follow in their footsteps.

Apps like Tinder and Bumble and dating sites like OK Cupid work as well or better in Tokyo than they do in any other city in the country. I have had great results over the years that have lead to all kinds of fun. I fucked a hot Japanese MILF, another MILF who wasn’t so hot, a bunch of average chicks in the 20-30 age range, a professional dancer, an escort, and a university student with perfect tits utilizing these resources. One chick even paid me to fuck her. Well, sort of…

Anyway, the point is that there are millions of women in Tokyo. Only a fraction of them are interested in meeting foreign guys. But that it is still a huge number of women. With the technology we have today it is possible to get in front of a healthy percentage of those women. Even if a handful are interested, you are still dealing with more women than you can handle. Unless of course you are a guy like me who puts the pursuit of pussy above all else.

In person meeting is possible too. The most famous place for foreigners to meet Japanese chicks are the HUB bars in Tokyo. Bars and clubs in Roppongi are next. If you are friendly decent human being or a manipulative sociopath you can also have a lot of success just approaching women in normal places like shopping centers and train stations. Just don’t talk to people on the train. They hate that in Japan.

To prove the point I have to mention the various happening bars and swinger clubs of Tokyo. Even as a random foreign asshole off the street I have been welcomed into plenty of these places. Inside I found women eager to have sex with my imported man meat. I am not saying it is heaven. But it is an easy place to find sex.

When it comes to meeting women in Tokyo, I don’t do anything special. I work on my Japanese skills when I get the chance. I dress for success. Then I put in the time necessary to meet Japanese women in Tokyo. In most cases, I am pipelining online before I even show up. So I end up with stuff like hot MILF mentioned above who fucked me right after I arrived in the city. Some guys seem to be looking for a secret but to be honest there is nothing more to it then what I have written above.

Can you date women and find casual sex in other parts of Japan? Sure! Are there prostitutes in basically every part of the country? Absolutely! But Tokyo is the core of the country. A full 25 percent of all Japanese people live in Tokyo. A lot more live in the immediate surrounding area and can be in Tokyo via train in a matter of minutes. With so much centered in the city it only makes sense that it is also the easiest place for sex in Japan.

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