Esute sex massage in Japan

Esute massage is some kind of mixed up term with foreign influence that has entered the Japanese language. That makes sense, because most esute sex massage is done by foreign women. These are the numerous black market massage shops you see all over Tokyo and other cities. Sometimes they have signs. Other times they work out of unmarked apartments and have guys on the street and internet to find customers.

There are plenty of therapeutic massage businesses in Japan with Japanese employs. But massage parlors staffed by actual Japanese women that do happy ending massages are more or less unheard. That’s why legal massage services like Tokyo Style exist. If you want a fantastic happy ending massage from a real Japanese woman you can get it from them. But it is not cheap. Esute massage is cheap but the chicks are from other countries. And the service isn’t anything to write home about either most of the time.

Esute massage is usually done by Chinese or Korean women. It may come with a little bit of a massage. But the main thing is the extra service. That can be anything from a genuine handjob happy ending all the way up to sex. It just depends on the place and how much money is changing hands.

Esute massage in Japan

Some forms of prostitution are legal in Japan, and others are not. It can all be a bit confusing. Like the huge Japanese porn industry where almost anything goes but vaginas have to be censored. I The soaplands offer sex with no problems. Then there are the blowjob bars where you can legally be sucked but not fucked!

Japan is a famously law abiding country. But it’s also home to the Yazuka and unscrupulous touts in Kabukicho who are more than happy to help foreigners and their money go separate ways. So it isn’t really a big surprise that the esute massage parlors would be basically ignored while they go about their business. Sure, some of them get raided here and there. It’s like happy ending Asian massage in America. Everyone knows it’s there. Then once in a while they get huffed up and bust a place. After that, it all goes back to normal.

Esute happy endings

Technically the esute massage places are set up for “regular” or “legit” massage. But the reality is that guys go in expecting to get little massage, and lots of extras. As stated above, the degree of extras really depends. In some places it is more or less guaranteed that you’ll be offered sex. In others, you might go thirty minutes or more before even a handjob is offered.

Japanese massage girl

How do you know what you will get? One way is to just head in and see for yourself. If you don’t want to deal with that, you have to look for reviews and information online. Or ask a friend. A lot of the online discussion of these places is done in Japanese. That doesn’t help if you can’t read the language. But you can sometimes find information in English too.

You can always discuss and negotiate before you get any additional services. So I don’t think there is any huge risk of getting ripped off. You certainly have much less potential of getting a bad deal here than you do of getting your pockets picked while at a cheap $2.50 massage parlor in Cambodia!

The prices can be all over the place. A lot of it comes down to where you go and how the situation pans out. The more you know, the better armed you are. If you know the usual rates, than that’s normally what you end up paying. But again it all depends. There are places where you can get a massage and a handjob for $100. Then there are places where you might pay the same and have the chick climb on top of you and stick it in bareback. It happens!

Where are esute massage parlors?

As these esute massage shops are not really legal or official, they tend to come and go. They are also scattered all around. I’ve seen them in various parts of Tokyo and even in other cities around the country. One of the most well known places for estute massage joints is Gotanda. But you can find them all over the place. There are at least a couple in Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Kabukicho too.

The main give away is usually a sign on the street with some fake picture of an Asian model and prices. If the picture is really sexy, there’s a good chance it’s one of these places. If it’s a more normal therapeutic looking sign, it’s probably a regular massage business. You can normally tell for sure when you go ring the door. A locked door opened by some Chinese or Korean chicks in lingerie is a dead give away that hanky panky is available. Other clues are that Japanese places are lit up and clean with massage tables. Estute places have low or red lights and they take care of you on a mat on the ground.

Esute massage places definitely aren’t the nicest places in Japan by any means. And even though they do sometimes have some hot chicks inside, they aren’t exactly centers to find supermodels either. They are what they are though. And they have a never ending supply of customers because they offer a service people want for a price that is reasonable. I have had some good times in these places without spending a ton of money. So I always keep an eye out for more.

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