Further adventures in compensated dating in Japan

It’s still pretty easy for me to pick up chicks for dating or even one night stands in a lot of the world. Especially in Asia. I used to have more luck in Japan. I don’t know if I don’t try as hard anymore or what, but lately it’s been more difficult to score in Tokyo than it was a few years ago. It’s no big loss though. I can still screw chicks in most of Asia with almost no effort. Anyway I am more into pay for play now anyway, because it lets me get what I want, when I want, with no drama. Finally, at least in Japan, there is foreigner friendly compensated dating available through Universe Club, and I put my membership there to good use.

The chicks at Universe Club are grouped into different classes. I guess this has something to do with their stature. The top classes have more models and actresses. There are more regular girls in the lower classes. I found really good looking chicks in every class, but I still wanted to try to the higher classes to see what the extra fuss was about. All of the women go through some kind of introduction phase when they are vetted by the staff who interview them and take their pictures and videos. They get to know the girls, so they probably have good reasons for putting them in different classes.

After the great success of my previous dates with Standard Class and Gold Class in the last few of months, I decided to try out a date with a chick from the Platinum Class. It took me quite a while to pick a chick out. There were so many good looking women that I just didn’t know what to do. At the end I had it narrowed down to three chicks including one older MILF who was super attractive for some reason. After almost a whole day of going through the profiles, I ended up picking a chick in her twenties like I usually do.

Platinum Class dating

My Platinum Class date was arranged faster than other I ever set up. I put in for the date at night and the sitting was set the next day! I was surprised to get a response that fast but it was fine for me. I never spend more than a few weeks in Japan on any one trip, and I like to maximize my time on the ground.

The date was set at an Italian Restaurant. The place was really easy to find. It was only about a two minute walk from a major station. No problems there. Of course the staff spoke absolutely no English at all, but that’s pretty much what I expect. It didn’t matter anyway. They were able to figure out that I had a reservation and since mine was the only gaijin name on the list everything went pretty smoothly.

Japanese woman who dates for money

My date showed up a few minutes late. That is not what I expect in Japan but it was no big deal. Two minutes with a lot of apologies and a good excuse about a train delay sure beats a one to two hour wait in Manila with no explanation at all.

My date was tall and thin with long curly hair. She was dressed in a nice dress. You don’t see those back home much anymore. She was also really sweet and polite. I can’t say that she was any better looking than the chicks I met from the lower classes, but she was still good looking. The only thing I didn’t like about her was that her teeth were kind of yellow. It’s weird but you see some chicks in Japan with obviously spend a ton of time on their looks who have discolored teeth. I don’t expect anyone to have those fake bleached teeth that the Hollywood airheads rock, but I would prefer that a girl’s teeth be some shade of white. Anyway, it wasn’t a deal breaker. The rest of her looked good and matched her pictures, so I was in for the whole thing.

Dating a Japanese model

Apparently, my date was some kind of promotional model. I don’t know what that means. Either she works at trade shows, does advertisements in magazines, or hands out advertisements on the sidewalk. At the end of the day, I didn’t really care. Her English was good enough to hold a conversation, but not so good that I wanted to go down the rabbit hole of figuring out what exactly she does for a living. Whatever it is, the pay must be lacking. Why else would she be hanging out with a guy like me?

The restaurant was really good. They had authentic Italian cuisine, and none of the weird stuff you sometimes see in Tokyo like squid ink spaghetti. We had a pretty good conversation too, though at some points it was almost like a Thai bar girl interview: “What your name? Where you come from? What you like?”

We got through the meal and the small talk and I decided to cut straight to the chase. This was no chick I would want to marry or even date regularly, but she was definitely hot enough for a screw. I told directly that I was only in town for a while and had plans in the morning. So, I asked, if she would like to join me at a nearby love hotel. She got kind of serious, then she lowered her voice and said something like “well, that would be okay, but will you give me some money?”

Sealing the deal

Suddenly, the regular promotional model was negotiating like any other working girl. It actually turned me on. I said yes of course. That was enough for her. We never talked about how much I would give her, how long she would stay, or any of the other things mercenary hookers and hardcore hobbyists sometimes bring up before closing a deal. That’s why this is still considered a form of dating.

We had a kind of comical episode while trying to find a love hotel in the rain, but eventually we made it. She selected the room and paid for it (with my money), because I didn’t want to deal with the staff who probably only speak Japanese. The room was really nice, but I didn’t see much of it. As soon as we got in the door I started kissing and touching her, forgetting about her chompers and focusing instead on the feel of her skinny little ass through her thin dress and the silk slip she was wearing below it.

In true romantic style, I dropped my pants and pulled down her panties and stockings with one hand while still making out with her like a mad man. Then I guided her over to the bed and entered her hairy hole. I don’t remember much from there, but I really went at it. Somehow I ended up totally naked, and she had nothing but her panties around one of her legs. It was a great release and totally worth the 40,000 Yen I gave her. That’s around 350 American, which is also what I spent for a quicky with an average chick at a Yoshiwara soapland the day before.

I knew I’d be back for more. Tokyo keeps on calling me back, even though it’s one of the most expensive places in Asia. My Universe Club membership has a lot to do with that.

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