GFE Japan Review

GFE Japan is an escort service for foreigners. There are thousands of escort agencies for Japanese dudes in Japan. But the number of places that even accepts non-Japanese guys is incredibly low. Here is a place that exists only for gaijin who are not Japanese. It was literally made for guys like us.

In my opinion there are three great things about GFE Japan. The first is that it’s all above board and legal. The second is that it’s all in English and easy to figure out. The third is that they cover Osaka and Fukuoka along with Tokyo.

I’ve always wanted to explore Japan but to be honest I’ve mostly stayed around Tokyo because I know I can get sex there. Now I can head off to other parts of the country without worrying about a lack of orgasm opportunities!

Sure there are tons of sex services in Japan. They’re mainly made for local guys though. Plus a lot of them are super complicated with weird “system” that even some Japanese guys have trouble figuring out. I once went to a fashion health place with a Japanese friend and even he had to hear two explanations before he knew exactly what was being offered. That’s not the case here. At GFE Japan you pick an escort and you know who you’re going to meet, when you’re going to meet her, what you’re going to pay, and what she’s going to do. You can’t beat it.

Making an appointment at GFE Japan

There are two ways to make an appointment with a GFE Japan escort. You can call the place up at 050-5527-0320. Or you can contact them online through a smartphone app like WeChat, Whatsapp, Telegram, or Line. Once you get in touch with GFE Japan you just tell them your name, where you are located, when you want an escort, and which escort you want. Don’t worry if you’re not decided on exactly which escort though. They can hook you up with a good match based on what you’re looking for too.

japanese escorts GFE

All the escorts are posted on the GFE Japan website. They have an accurate schedule that you can sort through by date or location. Click on any escort’s profile and you’ll get all the information you need. Name, age, measurements, English skills, some candid photos, and a list of any extra services they offer. All the chicks do stuff like stroking you, blowing you and kissing you if you’re into it. A couple of the chicks do even more though. So you can find some like Hina that list fun stuff like cum swallowing and anal fucking as part of their available activities.

When you book you can pay right then with a credit card. Or you can pay right at the start of your appointment with a credit card or cash. Just make sure that the name on your credit card matches the name on your ID, because any place like this always has to be on the lookout. If you want to extend a session at any point you can just tell the escort and she can make arrangements with the company.

Services at GFE Japan

While this is an escort agency it is also located in Japan. So in fact it is more of a delivery health agency than anything else. The differences are subtle but they do exist. Basically it’s against the law to pay to fuck pussy in Japan. But there is no problem paying for pretty much any other kind of sex act you can think of, as long as everyone involved is legal and consenting of course. In other words you can get everything but dick-in-pussy sex when you pay.

So what is the service like at GFE Japan? Basically the chick shows up, introduces herself, showers with you, kisses you, plays with your cock, sucks your cock, maybe rubs your cock against her cunt lips, and gets you to blow a load or two along the way. That’s the basic setup. You can also pay for some extras to enhance the experience. Stuff like butt fucking and getting pissed on is fair play in Japan. It just costs a little more.

three gfe japanese escorts

The same goes for other options like cum on face, cum in mouth, cum swallowing, threesomes, playing with a vibrator or having a chick show up dressed in a sexy costume. Some of these services are more specialized than others. For example, I am not big on the “instant blowjob” option offered here and at other places. Basically you’re paying for a chick to suck your unwashed dick before you shower. I rather just shower and I’m sure the dick suckers would prefer that too. So it’s a win-win! On the other hand I’m sure some dudes get off on this and more power to them. At least the option is there.

I typically go with the flow and let the escort take the lead. These women know what they are doing. If you’re going to pay for a pro you might as well let her work! Though I do admit for splurging on some of the better extras like anal sex and cum in mouth. Someday I’ll probably splurge on a video recording session too so I can look back fondly on my sexual experiences in Japan.

What is GFE Japan actually like?

In my experience GFE Japan is one of the easier escort agencies to work with. They’re definitely one of the easiest in Japan. You don’t have to worry about any kind of language barrier or awkwardness. You just get in touch with them, tell them what you’re looking for, and set up your meeting. There really isn’t a lot more too it than that. So there’s no need to over complicate the situation.

In the room you basically know what to expect too. You’re going to get your cock worked on and it’s going to feel good. The chick who works your stiffy might be pure Japanese with little English or a half-Filipina who is fluent in American lingo. Either way you know what you’re going to get up front. So there are no bad surprises. Of course each chick is going to look different and act in a different way. Finding out about that is part of the fun.

They have a pretty good selection of chicks at GFE Japan. There are peachy petite babes like Noel and Tomoe, as well as complete sex packets like Rio and Karen. On the other end you have full on actual working Japanese porn stars like Kasumi. In between you have everything from 19-year-old girl next door types to mature MILFS. They even have a couple of plump chubby chicks such as Himari! If you’re into Asian chicks of any stripe you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

What does it cost? It depends on who you want to meet and how long you want to be with them. An hour appointment can cost anywhere from 23,000 to 50,000 Yen. That’s roughly $162 to 351 bucks American. It’s not a huge amount for an hour with a hot escort in a developed first world country. Even if you add in some extra services like a nice cum on the face to end the prices are downright reasonable. If America had a legal service like this it would cost three times as much and be booked fifteen years into the future. In Japan you can just call up and book an escort to blow you any time you’d like for a totally fair price. Viva GFE Japan!

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