Happy ending massage in Japan

Body rubs are great but they’re even better when they end with a hand job that leaves you fully relieved and relaxed. The best thing about happy ending massage in Japan is that it’s widespread and legal. There are a lot of places that offer a rub and tug in Japan and many of them are open to foreigners too which isn’t always the case with other adult establishments in the country. Here’s a list of some happy ending massage services in Japan.

Asian Feeling and Asian Relax in Tokyo may be the best places for first timers to visit but they’re also good for repeat visitors and regulars. They’re both owned by the same person and about twenty Thai women go back and forth between the two working. You can request a woman from the other shop if you want if you show up at the wrong place.

Japanese one piece

The women are pretty and in their 20’s. Most of them can speak some Japanese. A few can speak English. For under a hundred dollars American you get showers, a body massage, and a happy ending tug job. Some of the women are really great and have wild techniques that make me shoot like a geyser. I’ve never had a bad experience. The women don’t get naked but I don’t mind because I like their little dresses and I’ve been disappointed in the past by massage girls who looked great in sexy clothes but sloppy in the nude.

Shibuya Esthe in Tokyo offers a similar service but the women doing the massages and hand jobs are Chinese rather than Thai. They can speak some Japanese but their English skills are rather limited. The massages are a little better than what you get at Asian Relax and Asian Feeling but the handies aren’t as good. The price is 7000 Yen for seventy minutes with a shower and a happy ending.

Tokyo Style offers really high quality massages in your hotel room and they are totally open and accommodating to foreigners. Some of their women even speak conversational English which is a real rarity in the Japanese sex trade. The prices are higher than the massage parlors but in line with other outcall delivery in the country. Since there are less problems dealing with them than some other order-in massage services I like them a little more.

Tomato Club operates throughout Japan and goes by a number of names but offers happy ending massage in your hotel room. It’s not cheap but they are gaijin friendly and they will work with you to get an appointment together even if there is a little struggle over the language barrier. I’ve tried their services in Osaka and Fukuoka in the past and I was happy both times.

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