Thai happy ending massage in Tokyo

If you know anything about Japan, you might know that it’s filled with sexy chicks. Maybe you also know that thousands of sexy Japanese chicks work in prostitution in Tokyo. You might also know that most of the prostitutes in Japan don’t see foreign customers. There are a lot of reasons for that. I don’t want to get into them here. What you might not know is that there are a lot of foreign chicks working in Japan. The foreign chicks almost never refuse non-Japanese guys. It might be weird if they did. Anyway, this means that happy ending massage shops with Thai staff are open to gaijin.

Now I am not talking about the semi shady escort services that have chicks from various countries. That is another can of worms that I won’t open today. It should be enough to say that they aren’t massage passages even if they do have some Thai chicks on the roster. We all know what escorts are, right?

There are also a bunch of regular Thai massage parlors all around Tokyo and Japan in general. These are mostly real Thai massage joints. If you’ve been to Thailand then you know that a lot of chicks in Thai massage joints do handjobs or more to make extra money. Well, the same applies in Japan. It’s a different situation though. The chicks can do extra if they want. The parlors aren’t setup exclusively for jacking cocks. So I am not going to include them here. Anyway, there are way too many to list, and they come and go all the time.

Thai hand job massage in Tokyo

When it comes right down to it, there are basically two Thai happy ending massage parlors in Tokyo. They’re both connected too. So no matter which one you visit, you usually get just about the same experience. I am not breaking any new ground here. Both of these places have been open for years. Operating openly in the heart of Tokyo’s most infamous red light district, they are basically legendary at this point.

Thai chick who massages dicks in Tokyo

Of course I am talking about Asian Feeling and Asian Relax. These two Thai massage centers in Kabukicho are open to Japanese and foreign customers alike. The sexy Thai chicks who work them are equally comfortable handling Kurobuta Sausage, Western Wieners and whatever other man meat comes their way.

Even though they accept guys who aren’t Japanese at these places, they do have some standards. So if you’re drunk, sick or the type of dude who likes to bother people, they won’t let you get a massage. Seems fair enough to me. It would be nice if these qualifications were applied broadly across society, but it is what it is.

The happy ending

Both Asian Feeling and Asian Relax are easy to find. You just follow the maps and look for the signs. Or do what I did years ago and wander around Kabukicho looking for stuff that looks cool. Both of the shops are upstairs. They have little reception boxes. A bilingual Japanese dude settles the bills up front. A one hour powder massage is 9500 Yen. That’s about $89 American. Since there’s no tipping in Japan, that makes an Asian hand job massage in Tokyo about the same price as a happy ending massage in New York.

Of course you get a better experience in Tokyo. The chicks are hotter too. I actually think the Thai chicks who jack guys off at Asian Feeling and Asian Relax are way better looking than the average chick at a Thai massage parlor in Thailand! It might be because they were hand picked by the boss of the Asian Feeling Group or something. Maybe it’s because Japanese guys are more picky than western tourists in Thailand. I really don’t know, but my eyes tell me it’s true.

On top of being hot the chicks at Asian Relax and Asian Feeling are really attentive and good at what they do. They shower you in the beginning lovingly. Then they take you to the private area and start doing a real Thai massage. The music is soft and there is little sound. You can really relax with the aromatic incense in the air. Before you know it they are turning you over. You’re laying there butt naked and they’re on top of you wearing sexy Asian dresses that show off their silky legs and maybe a panty shot.

Next they oil up with top quality Japanese lube and go to work on your dick and balls. They get really into it, massaging every part of your junk and even the areas around. Meanwhile they’re being all sexy and sliding the rest of their body on yours. I am pretty good at beating my own meat, but these chicks are superstars! I’ve shot a lot of loads at these two places over the years, and I never regretted what I’ve spent. I wouldn’t trade it for all the Barley Tea in Japan. This is a real relaxing massage that leaves you totally drained.

Here’s the Asian Feeling website. It has all the info about the shop in Japanese and English. They even have a map and a price list that covers it all in full detail. The videos are totally accurate as to what the chicks actually look like. No wonder this place has been around so long.

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