How to get a free date at Universe Club

If you read this website or others like it you probably know about Universe Club. Basically, they hook horny guys up with hot chicks in Japan for a fee.

In a place like Japan where few people speak English and interactions between people in public are quick and formal, this kind of compensated dating plays a major role in getting people together. It is easier for a businessman to set up a date with a cutie by spending a little cash and a few minutes on a website than trolling around bars hoping he’ll get lucky enough to have some average looking chick smile back at him.

What is Universe Club

For those who don’t know, Universe Club works like this: you fill out an application and pay a fee to join the club. Then you go on the Universe Club website with your username and password and peruse the chicks. You can search for whatever kind of chicks you like. Smokers, non-smokers, drinkers, chicks who speak English, chicks who don’t speak English, Japanese chicks, chicks who keep their legs closed and chicks who will bang almost anyone who buys them a nice meal. They have more options than any mainstream dating site I know of. They even track menstrual cycles so you won’t end up on a date with a chick during her time of the month!

Now you start to see why it’s worth the money Universe Club charges. If you can’t speak Japanese it is even better. You don’t have to waste your time trying to chat up a chick who can’t even understand you. Instead, you can narrow down your selection to women who actually know what you’re saying!

Compensated dating in Japan

Universe Club isn’t cheap. I guess it costs a lot to run the thing. They have to pay staff, run their databases and everything else. They send staff out to meet every new female member to interview her and take pictures and video. Plus they probably want to keep out the riff raff. Compensated dating and the sugar daddy thing is mostly for guys who have an adequate supply of money anyway. Broke bros usually stick to the pink salons.

Anyway, I was recently checking out the Universe Club homepage after reading that they added 1,021 new female members in August and I came across a special announcement.

Getting a free date

Universe Club started giving away points to new members. What does that mean? It’s like a reward program. You know how credit cards sometimes give you 50,000 airline miles for signing up? Well, Universe Club is giving all new male members credit equal to the amount they pay for their membership to be used on dates.

The points thing is pretty common in Japan. One of the pink salons I used to go to even used to give out a point card. After you got oral ten times you got a free blowie on the house! Like they say, the customer is king in Japan.

The new membership campaign is pretty simple. If you sign up for a Standard membership for 30,000 Yen, they give you 20,000 Yen credit to use in the future. If you sign up for a Gold membership at 50,000 Yen, you get 30,000 Yen credit to use in the future. And so on.

You have to pay every time you make a date through Universe Club. The amount depends on the kind of chick you want to date. So, it costs more to have the club arrange a date for you with a Gold chick than a Standard lady.

With this deal, new members basically end up getting the cost for arranging their first date waved. By paying for a membership they get a sitting thrown in for nothing. That sounds good to me!

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