Japan is back in action

After a brief stumble, Japan is back in action. I may be over South Korea but I will always love the land of ramen noodles and Hello Kitty. Especially since things have reopened to me as a hard dicked gaijin.

Japan has always had a “locals only” sort of culture. But things got really bad in the early 2020’s. Whorehouses for foreigners closed up or slowed down. Brothels for locals got stricter about letting in foreigners. And that only in the places that survived.

A lot of problems came together to make things difficult. The pandemic, xenophobia, the sick Tinder killer and other assorted issues made it tough for a Westerner to get laid for a little while. Even in Tokyo where sex is easy! Now things are getting back to normal and I love it. At this point is almost feels like old times.

Take the good with the bad

Some classic spot like Happy Hinomaru and New Hot Point went out of business. So did some really good Japanese soaplands. I could get down about that, but I’d rather take a positive outlook and embrace all that is available in Tokyo.

Great sex services like Tokyo Style and Tokyo Hentai Club are again going full speed. New places for foreigners like GFE Escorts and GFE soapland have opened too. Then there are the old standbys like Jan Jan pink salon which welcome me in for a $30 blowjob whenever I need to jizz. What’s not to love?

neon nightlife in japan

The powers that be seem to be taking a turn for the worse. A bunch of Japanese swinger clubs have been raided. Freelance hookers standing on the streets have been swept up too. Still the sun continues to shine on other options.

The dating and pick up scene is as good as it has been for years. Dating Japanese women just requires some online accounts and patience. When I lack the time I look to compensated dating instead. Either way I have a good chance at getting my dick wet in some hot Japanese slizz. That’s the best thing in the country after the noodles!

And the world turns

The doom and gloom pushed by so many is now being swept away like so much dust. Japan is openly accepting tourists and visitors on other visas. Business is doing well and favorable exchange rates make traveling to Japan as cheap as it has been in years. At least for people like me who hold the might US dollar.

Japan is one resilient place. Despite a long period of stagnation the country still seems vibrant. In America bridges collapse and transportation systems shut down. In Japan the roads are immaculate and transport bosses publicly apologize when a train is 3 minutes late.

It’s a completely different culture and way of life. Japan might not be better than America in every way. But its superior in enough ways to make me look forward to visiting Japan and refusing to return to the US. Am I crazy? I don’t think so.

Even if I was it wouldn’t stop me from enjoying all Japan has to offer. Today I had delicious food and dated a sweet office lady. Later I will go to a bar and get my cock sucked for the cost of a meal. Tomorrow I have plans to meet a Japanese porn star who works as an escort. I have quite the busy schedule ahead!

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