Paradise Kawasaki: A Gaijin-friendly soapland in Japan

When you really sit back and think about it, Japan is a pretty nice place despite the occasional earthquake or low flying missile. It’s a really safe and clean place where you can walk around at all hours of the day and night, plus it’s filled with hot chicks and more sex shops than you could visit in a lifetime.

The way I see it, there are four main things that prevent Japan from drawing in as many horny guys as other less organized Asian countries like Thailand and the Philippines. One is the expense. The second is the language barrier. The third is the exclusionary, “no gaijin” policy of most adult businesses. The fourth and final one is the strange set of laws that allows girls to suck or jack cock (or even take cock up their ass) for cash, but not take money for getting screwed in their pussy the old fashioned way.

Paradise soapland

There’s not much that can be done or said about the expense. Tokyo especially can cost an arm and a leg, but it’s not all bad. The trains are pretty cheap and you can get good food without spending a lot. Thanks to AirBNB you can even get reasonable rooms now. Plus, if you launch from Thailand a lot like I do, you can get a round trip airplane ticket for less than 300 bucks. They even have cheap blowjob bars where you can sucked off for as little as $24 American.

The new Paradise soapland in Kawasaki must have known about the three other issues, since they dealt with them all handily! They have people fluent in English working, they are totally open to gaijin, and they offer full service sex. The prices aren’t even that bad for a developed country. They sell soap and sex sessions for as little as $180 US dollars!

From what I hear these kinds of full service soaplands are allowed to operate because they’ve been around since before Japan passed laws against prostitution in the 1950’s. Paradise is a new place, but maybe they are just continuing on with a new name from another old business. I had a friend who took over his grandma’s lease back home years ago who was paying pennies on the dollar to live in a new “upcoming” and super expensive neighborhood. It could be something like that. Frankly, I’m not too concerned what the reason is. I am just pleased that Paradise exists.

Before Paradise came around I mostly relied on compensated dating and occasionally trying my luck with soaplands or sketchy Korean places when I wanted full service. The problem with the other soaplands is that the managers never speak English and sometimes they decide they don’t want you inside. You might go to a place one day then come back the next and get denied. That sucks.

Paradise tells me there’s none of that at their place. The worst case scenario is that one of the chicks gets fully booked out for a day, but there are others and they all work with foreigners. No more wasted trips for me!

I will still try my luck with compensated dating. That is more of a girlfriend experience and it has its own excitement to it. When I want something straight forward I will definitely be checking out Paradise. I just checked on Google maps and it’s only about thirty minutes from Tokyo by train. It takes longer than that to get from Nana Plaza to Thong Lor in Bangkok during rush hour.

Now that I’ve heard about Paradise, I know how the otakus feel when a new version of their favorite weird anime related toy comes out for a limited release in Tokyo. At least I think I do.

Here’s the Paradise website which lists the operating hours, location, map to the location and a gallery with pictures of some of the hot naked European women who work there.

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