Peep shows in Tokyo

The peep shows of Tokyo provide a lot of great fun to horny guys with hard-ons. These aren’t your grandpa’s adult booths. They’re places where Japanese chicks as hot as models get full nude to turn on everyone watching. It’s like watching Japanese cam girls in person. Then they help finish what they’ve started when the dancing is through.

There are peep shows in some of the major cities of the US, but they’re pretty disturbing. Weirdos watch stretched out single moms dance through a filthy glass partition and then shoot their wad on the floor. Then some even weirder dude comes around to mop up the sploodge. Peep shows in Japan are way better than the nasty old peep shows you find in America. In Japan the dancers are usually hot as fuck. Plus, they come around to the private booths and suck or jack everyone off after they dance. How’s that for service?

There are a lot of peepers in Tokyo. The masses of people thronged together without any interpersonal connection probably helps mold men’s minds and turns a substantial number into lunatics. So it’s nothing to see a sign warning women against peeping toms in a Tokyo public toilet, or another telling women to hold their skirts down on the stairs so strange guys don’t take pics of their panties.

Peeping in Tokyo

Nozoki means peep in Japan. It doesn’t have to connect to the odd characters above though. There’s even a famous manga called Nozoki Ana, which literally means “peep hole.” I am definitely interested at peeping at holes. But I do where it is allowed and above board. That means the peep shows of Tokyo!

Japanese babe in pink satin panties

You don’t pay by the minute in these places. Like a lot of stuff in Japan, you pay a set fee up front. You just walk in and go to the desk. They show you a menu, and you pay. There’s a basic fee just for watching the show. Then if you want a handjob or blowjob, you pay more. The guy at the desk takes your money and gives you a number. You go sit in a little waiting room with adult magazines and Japanese porn playing on a TV. When it’s time for the next show, you go to the booth that matches your number and shut the door. It’s that simple.

You sit in your booth and watch the show through a one way mirror. You can see the stage, but the chicks on stage can’t see you. They come out one at a time and dance. They take off all their clothes and show their entire bodies. They usually make an effort to open their holes up for each guy in a booth to see. There’s tissue in the booths and a garbage can. Dudes regularly drop their pants and wack off. The cheap skates blow a load into a tissue to save money. The rest of us get ready for the chicks to come around for service. They knock on the doors one by one. They step in, get their tits out, and either jack or suck the guys off. These are masters of the craft. They only have a few minutes, but they almost always work a load out of each and every guy.

The best peep shows in Tokyo

There are several peep shows in Tokyo. They’re all pretty good. At least, they’re all way better than anything you would find in America. The candidates for a list of the best is narrowed down by entry requirements. Like most adult businesses in Japan, there are rules. Some places bar foreigners from entry. The best places let gaijin inside without a problem.

New Hot Point is the most famous foreigner friendly peepshow in Japan. It is located in the Kabukicho red light district. Some people claim it’s difficult to find. It is up an elevator. But it’s simple to locate. Like pretty much everything else these days you can just Google the place. The location on Google maps is right on the money. It works like the other peep shows in Tokyo. But it has some real babes working. Two chicks dance at a time. They look like they stepped right out of an AV. They’re hot. Some, like Haruka, are amazing. After they dance they go around and get guys off.

New Hot Point charges 2200 Yen to watch the show. A handjob is 2000 Yen more, or 3000 to touch breasts while she wanks. A condom blowjob with tit play is 4000 Yen on top of the show fee. The dancers will sell their panties for 2000 Yen too, for guys who are into that. We’re talking less than 50 bucks for a dance show and happy ending. Not bad. It’s all inclusive and paid up front too. There’s no tipping in Japan. New Hot Point is on the ninth floor at 1-chōme-17-13 Kabukichō, Shinjuku City, Tokyo.

Nozoki Madonna is the other major foreigner friendly peep show in Tokyo. It’s only a couple of minutes away from New Hot Point in the same area. Madonna is even easier to find since at street level. It also has a huge sign outside with a half-naked chick wrapped in crime scene tape. The sign is written in a bunch of languages which lets you know they are okay with foreigners. It’s hard to miss a sign that says “Peeping Show!”

It costs 2100 Yen to watch the show at Madonna. A handjob is 2000 Yen more. A condom blowjob is 3500 Yen more. They do them both pretty well. They are professionals after all. The chicks at Madonna are arguably not as hot at the babes over at New Hot Point. But they are still great looking. We’re talking about ivory skinned Japanese babes with blemish free skin and round tits and asses. No fat chicks, no washed up old ladies, no tattoo covered maniacs. Just good old fashion hot Asian chicks. They’re friendly too! After they do a fully nude dance on the stage complete with doggy style tail wagging, they come around and jack off customers. It’s a great way to start or end a day. Madonna is at 1-chōme-18-7 Kabukichō, Shinjuku City, Tokyo.

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