Pink salons in Tokyo Japan

Pink salons are the Japanese version of blowjob bars. The best thing about them is that they are totally legal and regulated. The were created to get around a law prohibiting women from selling vaginal intercourse but leaving out any mention of hands and mouths. Or at least that is how the story goes.

Pink salons (or pinsaros) are located all over the country. They usually consist of an open room filled with booths or seats. You enter and pay the entrance fee at the front desk. The you go sit in a booth and wait for a girl to come over and suck you off.

Pink salons in Tokyo

Or at least that’s what you hope to do. A lot of Japanese people are afraid of foreigners or otherwise dislike them and so non-Japanese guys are banned from most blowjob bars in the country. Some of this is down to straight xenophobia but some of it can also be credited to foreigners who couldn’t follow simply instructions or stick to the program. Shame on them.

Shame on the people that exclude others on account of their national origins too. We’re all human being after all. And all of us men have cocks that get hard. We want to get them sucked on. And while it might not be a human right as defined by the United Nations, I can say that every man deserves a blowjob once in a while. Or we should at least be able to buy one when we have the cash!

Foreigner friendly pink salons in Tokyo

Luckily a few places still find in their hearts (or pocketbooks) to let us gaijin heathens through the gates to get our bologna bopped. Here’s a list of pink salons in Tokyo where you can go to get your cock sucked with no hassle. Please let me know if I’ve missed any in the comments below.

1. Dio & Emotion

Dio & Emotion are the names of two shops that are attached to each other just outside of Gotanda Station. There are so many blowjob bars around some foreigners call the place “Blowtanda”. The only shops that accept foreigners are these two. There are rumors that others will accept Japanese speakers during the day but I don’t know since I don’t speak Japanese beyond basic phrases like “hello,” “how much” and the always popular “I am going to cum in your mouth”. The managers are happy to welcome foreigners but they push them into an expensive 7000 Yen set that includes two women blowing for 15 minutes each. Only a few women work at any given time and some are incredibly fat and unattractive.

2. Hinomaru

Hinomaru in the famous Kabukicho red light district happily waves foreigners through the door and up the stairs. There on the totally exposed benches they can get sucked off for all in attendance to see. Actually few guys will ever look over. It’s all straight ahead, mind your business. Just like a Tokyo subway train at rush hour except that cocks are being sucked and cum is being shot. The women aren’t attractive with the exception of a few standouts that end up working there from time to time. A single blowjob costs 4000 Yen plus tax. You can chose your lady from a bunch of photos on a board but don’t count on her looking anything like what you see on paper. Hinomaru has a website with a map for the navigationally impaired.

3. Jan Jan

Jan Jan is probably the most known of all the foreigner friendly pink salons in Tokyo. It’s dark and dingy but the owners are friendly and they accept anyone who can make their way through the doors. Located just outside of Sugamo Station it employs around a dozen women. One or two may be in their twenties and attractive but most are much older and average at best. One lady who has worked there for at least the last few years must be pushing 65. You can chose who sucks you if you pay a 1000 Yen nomination fee and give her name when you walk in. If you don’t have a name to give you get the luck of the draw. Blowjobs are 3000 Yen during the day and 4000 Yen at night.

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