A review of every pink salon in Tokyo

Pink salons are the Japanese version of blowjob bars. These are places where you can buy a blowjob. The best thing about them is that they are totally legal and regulated in Japan. The were created to get around a law prohibiting women from selling vaginal intercourse but leaving out any mention of hands and mouths. Or at least that is how the story goes.

Pink salons (or pinsaros) are located all over the country. The largest concentration of pink salons is of course found in Tokyo. That only makes sense. Tokyo is by far the largest city in Japan. It is also the political and economical heart of Japan.

pink salons in tokyo

It might surprise the unaware that guys in Japan can just walk into a shop, plop down some money, and get their penis sucked. In fact it really is that simple. Now you know why I spend so much time in Tokyo!

The most amazing thing is that you can come and go as you please. No one even bats an eye when you stroll off the street and into a pink salon. Pink salons are a part of the culture in Japan. Everyone knows about them. Comedians joke about them and mainstream movies even make mention of these Japanese BJ bars. But not everyone knows how pink salons operate.

How Japanese pink salons work

Pink salons are all more or less the same. Any differences come down to things like prices or themes. For example the women in some pink salons will dress up in costumes. In other places they must be wearing street clothes. Other than that the format is basically identical.

Pinsaros usually consist of an open room filled with some booths like you might find in a restaurant. They often have a little table next to each booth too. All the booths face the same direction. This and the low lighting offer all the privacy you get in a pink salon. You can see the other customers, but Japanese guys make a point not to stare at each other while getting their nobs polished.

tokyo pink salon

There’s not a whole lot to the process of visiting a pink salon. You walk in and pay an entrance fee to the person at the front desk. The fee is set. There is no negotiation. Sometimes the price will be less during the day. Occasionally a pink salon will have a two-for-one special too. But it’s all above board and transparent. The price that is posted is the price and that’s it. There is no tipping in Japan.

In some cases you can choose the woman who sucks you off from a photo if you want. It’s also possible to ask for a woman by name. This is called a “nomination” and it costs extra. Foreigners aren’t always allowed to make nominations. Then again, foreigners aren’t always allowed inside of pink salons!

Inside a pink salon

After you pay the person at the front desk, they lead you inside to one of the available booths. You sit in the booth and wait for a woman to come over and blow you. The women wear lingerie or some kind of sexy clothes. They introduce themselves and present two warm towels. They hand you one towel to clean your hands with. Then you pull down your pants and they use the other towel to clean your dick and balls.

You can usually touch the ladies in a pink salon above the waist. That basically means customers can touch their tits. It depends on the place and the lady though. I’ve had some women ask me to suck their tits or even eat their box. I once saw an old dude in a full on sixty nine with a pink salon chick too!

service in pink salon

Some of the chicks at the pink salons use condoms. Especially with foreigners. This isn’t really common though. Usually they just gargle with mouthwash before and after each customer. Is it safe? I have no idea. I know some guys have caught the clap at pink salons before.

Pink salons do not offer dick in pussy sex though. It’s all oral. Oral is consider a “safer sex” by some. Other rules prohibit drunks and people from diseases from using a pink salon. Of course stuff like cameras aren’t allowed either.

Foreigner friendly pink salons in Tokyo

As stated, most pink salons will not let foreigners inside. Many have a Japanese only rule. Why? First is the language barrier. Most Japanese people cannot speak any language except Japanese. They don’t want to try either. So they just tell foreigners they cannot enter. Foreigners who can actually speak Japanese are sometimes admitted into these places if they can explain that they know the language and will follow the rules. Everyone else is out of luck.

Even guys who can speak Japanese do not have an automatic pass into every pink salon. Some pinsaros simply will not admit anyone who is not Japanese. A lot of Japanese people are afraid of foreigners Others can be downright hostile. Some of this is down to straight xenophobia and the idea that “foreigners have diseases.” But some of it can also be credited to foreigners who couldn’t follow simply instructions or stick to the program. Shame on them.

Japanese only sign

Shame on the people that exclude others on account of their national origins too. We’re all human being after all. And all of us men have cocks that get hard. We want to get them sucked on. And while it might not be a human right as defined by the United Nations, I can say that every man deserves a blowjob once in a while. Or we should at least be able to buy one when we have the cash!

Luckily a few places still find in their hearts (or bank accounts) to let gaijin heathens like me through the gates for a suck job. I have reviewed the full list of pink salons in Tokyo that allow foreigners to get their cocks sucked for money. This is based on my own experience over years of paying for head in Tokyo.

Jan Jan

Jan Jan is probably the most known of all the foreigner friendly pink salons in Tokyo. It’s dark and dingy but the owners are friendly and they accept anyone who can make their way through the doors.

jan jan pink salon tokyo

Located just outside of Sugamo Station, Jan Jan employs around a dozen women with 4 or 5 working at once. One or two of the cock suckers here may be in their twenties and attractive but most are much older and average at best. One lady who has worked there for at least the last few years must be pushing 65.

You can chose who sucks you if you pay a 3000 Yen nomination fee and give her name when you walk in. If you don’t have a name to give you get the luck of the draw. Blowjobs are 3000 Yen during the day and 4000 Yen at night. Jan Jan is totally run of the mill, assuming that mill produces 3000 Yen head jobs.

Dio and Emotion

Dio & Emotion are the names of two shops that are attached to each other. These twin shops are located just outside of Gotanda Station. There are so many pink salon blowjob bars in the area that some foreigners refer to the place as “Blowtanda”. Unfortunately Dio and Emotion are the only two blowjob bars in Gotanda that take foreigners.

Dio Emotion pink salon gotanda

The managers at Dio and Emotion are happy to welcome foreigners. But they push them into a double “W回転” set that includes two women blowing for 15 minutes each. In fact customers can choose between regular or “premium” women. They can also chose between a single and a double suck.

Customers are sent upstairs or directly back on the ground floor depending on the whims of the shop. Nomination doesn’t seem possible for foreigners here either. That’s a shame since some of the chicks working here are incredibly fat and unattractive.


Academy is on the same street as Jan Jan. Although it is just a hop, skip and a jump away, the place is actually a world apart. Academy is a tiny place with just a couple of seats. It’s almost unbelievable how tiny this place is, even if you are in the land of capsule hotels.

academy pink salon in tokyo

Size only matters so much. Age is arguably a lot more important. At Academy the two women who do the sucking are elderly at best. Seriously. It looks like they just left your granny’s Mahjong game to come blow guys for money.

You might think that great skill comes with age. While Asian MILFs are great at sex, the old folks at Academy are barely able to slob a knob. It might be cheap, but it certainly isn’t good.

Look X Look

Look X Look is located in the relatively sleezy Kanda section of Tokyo. I say relatively because even the worst part of Tokyo is an improvement over the best part of a city like Chicago. At least here you can get your balls drained for a couple of bucks.

Look X Look pink salon

This is a decent pink salon too. The only problem is that they require some Japanese language speaking ability. They usually ask foreigner customers if they can speak Japanese. If the customers answer in the affirmative, the shop lets them in. If they stand their looking stupid, then they’re politely refused at the door.

I like the double set here. I get sucked off by one chick for fifteen minutes. Then she leaves an another one gives me fifteen minutes more. I always try to finish in the second mouth. It helps that they all wear lingerie and look pretty decent. At least from what I can tell in the low light.

Happy (Closed)

There are a few pink salons in Ikebukuro. Happy was the only one I have found that would let foreigners inside. They would sometimes ask if I could speak Japanese. But they never seem that strict about the whole thing. I know some other foreigners have been here too.

happy pinsaro tokyo

The price at Happy was on the high side. But the chicks working there were also more likely to be attractive and in their twenties than the broads you find at Jan Jan. They were also better at actually giving head in my experience. They treated it more like an intimate event than a job.

On the other hand Happy was so dark inside that I could barely see. So my idea of what the chicks looked like is solely based on what I’ve felt with my hands. Seriously, you can barely make out a face in this place. If I hadn’t touched so many fur burgers in here I might not even know if the chicks who blew me were actually women. Alas it’s all over now as happy is gone.

  • Number of women: 4-6
  • Environment: Dark
  • Attractiveness of women: Average
  • Skill level: Average-Good
  • Price: 6000 Yen
  • Location: Gone from this world

Happy Hinomaru (Closed)

Hinomaru in the famous Kabukicho red light district happily waved foreigners through the door and up the stairs for many years. It was probably the most popular pink salon for foreigners after Jan Jan. Sadly, this place has closed its doors.

Happy Hinomaru tokyo pink salon

When it was open it was a real sight to see. Literally. You got your dick sucked on a bunch of benches in a place that looked like a theater! I almost felt like the Rolling Stones at Altamont when getting my pipes cleaned here. Especially when someone would watch me get a blowjob.

Unfortunately that’s all over now. At least we still the memories. I know for a fact that I am not the only foreigner to get his dick licked at Happy Hinomaru. If you’ve been there then you know what it was like.

  • Number of women: 3-5
  • Environment: Theatrical
  • Attractiveness of women: Low
  • Skill level: Average
  • Price: 4000 Yen plus tax
  • Location: Nothing more than a memory
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